4-H Poster

Posters provide a way for 4-H’ers to non-verbally communicate to the public. Rules for this contest include:

  • Only one poster per 4-H’er.  4-H’ers will have the option to have a conference with the judge or to have the poster non-conference judged (the exhibitor doesn’t meet with the judge).  Conference judging of posters will have a designated block of time determined after all entries are received and a schedule is made. Exhibitors will be informed of the designated block of time for posters in the exhibitor letter they will receive the week of March 25.
  • Choose one of the following poster themes:

    •      4-H is . . . (Open to 4-H’ers interpretation)
    •     Join 4-H
    •     Unmask Your Opportunities(The 2013 Iowa 4-H Youth Conference theme)
    •     Nothing Compares (The 2013 Iowa State Fair theme)  
  • The 2013 Poster Exhibit Entry Form should be attached to the back of the poster.  This form will be mailed to you the week of March 25.   
  • All posters must be designed on or affixed to, standard poster board or foam core board – size minimum of 14” x 20” or maximum of 15” x 22”.  Posters may be vertical or horizontal and completed with any medium:  watercolor, ink, crayon, acrylic, charcoal, oils, collage, etc.  They cannot be 3-dimensional and materials used to make the poster cannot extend more than 1/8 inch above the poster or foam core board.
  • The poster should have the 4-H emblem displayed.  Remember, do not print on or cover the emblem because it is a copyright logo. 
  • Posters cannot incorporate copyright materials or exact copies of other promotional designs, such as the Iowa 4-H Youth Conference theme logo or the Iowa State Fair logo4-H’ers cannot use “trade-marks” of advertisements on their posters or the exhibit will be disqualified (example: milk mustache advertising “Got Milk”)
  • Participants in the 4-H Poster Contest may take their posters home for 4-H displays OR they may leave their poster with Extension staff to have it displayed during the 2013 Story County Youth Fair and throughout the year.

Judge's Score Sheet

Poster Form

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