Soil Survey & Digital Soil Data: ISPAID

What is the soil survey?

The Soil Survey is a comprehensive inventory of the soil resources of an area. The survey includes soil maps and descriptions of each type of soil in each county including interpretations of a soil’s potential for use.

How does the soil survey help me?

Understanding the basic properties of soils leads to better crop management, soil nutrient management and soil and water conservation.

At Iowa State University the Soil Survey Characterization Laboratory provides data in support of the Iowa Cooperative Soil Survey Program (ICSS).

Iowa Soil Properties and Interpretations Database (ISPAID)

Iowa Soil Properties and Interpretations Database (ISPAID) Version 8.1 is now available.

Download ISPAID 8.1

Version 8.1 consists of the following documents. Download the documents by right-clicking the file name and selecting “Save Target (Link) As...”. Save all files in the same folder (such as your desktop) to enable linking between documents.

ISPAID Version 8.1 Manual (coming soon)
ISPAID Version 8.1 Database (Excel: 10.5 MB)

ISPAID Version 8.1 made sorting soil information easier.  Clicking on the drop down arrow below the field name, and checking or unchecking the boxes next to the data listed, enables the filtering or sorting of data within the database.  For example, if wanting soil data for a specific county click on the arrow below the field called "CONO (Name)", uncheck "Select All", and check the box next to the desired county or counties.   

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