How Do I Join 4-H?

If you are in 4th through 12th grade, you can join 4-H.

Sioux County has 17 clubs throughout the county.  You are welcome to join any club, anytime throughout the year.  In 4-H the project areas are unlimited.  If you like animals, art, computers, food, sports, robotics or music, there is a place for you in 4-H.

Here is what Devin De Weerd, a former Sioux County 4-H'er had to say about 4-H:  "As an engineer my goal will be to find solutions through knowledge, communication, teamwork and leadership, to make my community and my work a better place to live.  Citizenship involves giving back to the community.  Through 4-H I learned not to be afraid to take the first step, failure is when you don't even try!"

If you have found a club that you would like to join (instructions), please contact the club leaders directly (contact information below).  Enrollment fee for the year is $30 (scholarships are available - contact the Sioux County Extension Office for more information).  Please make checks payable to Sioux County Extension, 400 Central Ave NW, Suite 700, Orange City IA 51041.  Questions?  Want more information?  Call the Sioux County Extension Office (712) 737-4230 or email Cindy Cleveringa at

Sioux County 4-H Clubs and Leaders

Climbing Clovers- Ireton and Hawarden

Mary Schmidt – 712-552-2080

Colene Jahn – 712-540-2747

Happy Hi Haps– Ireton

Anna Eilts – 712-278-2502

Christina Van Wyk

Holland Windmills- Orange City, Alton, Maurice

Cheryl Palsma – 712-567-4452

Harlan and Phyllis De Haan – 712-737-2418

Paul Lambert – 712-737-4597                                                                                      

Floyd Venturers- Alton, Hospers, Granville

Cathy Punt – 712-752-8437

Mark Pottebaum – 712-756-8967

Darryl and Susan Klein – 712-752-8407

Nate and Shanna De Hoogh – 712-230-0542

Keri Oostra – 712-441-1115

Lincoln Loggers- Hull and Boyden

Michael Harman – 712-439-2837

Drew Mosier – 712-439-2123

Western Go Getters- Sioux Center

Carol Rozeboom – 712-722-2545

Robyn Postma - 712-722-3555

Deanne Den Herder - 712-722-4576

Al Pottebaum - 712-722-3025

Jeff and Jennifer Husa – 712-722-2074

Allison Van Regenmorter – 712-722-1820

Jeremy Jansen – 712-439-9914

Dean Dekkers – 712-722-0289

Brandon Kamerman - 712-722-1424

Sioux County Mounties– county-wide horse club, meetings begin after March 1

Melissa Majerus – 712-722-1035

James and Christina Davelaar -712-460-0386


Sweet Shooters Air Rifle Club –county-wide shooting sports

Andrew Roelfs - 641-670-1205

JohnMark Byl – 712-449-5808

Howard Brandes – 712-441-0040

Matt Dibbet -   712-441-0702

Arrowheads Archery Club– county-wide  shooting sports

Travis Van Ravenswaay - 712-441-4967 c, 712-722-1503h

Scott Vonk - 712-722-1310h; 712-441-4298c

Sioux Stockmen- Maurice, Orange City, Sioux Center

Joan Punt – 712-567-3131

Cheryl Van Wyk – 712-305-0037

Brad Van Regenmorter - 712-722-1714

Jenifer Van Noord – 605-502-2491

Brent Oolman – 712-722-3462

Rolling River- Rock Valley

Wes Dolieslager – 712-439-1100

Particia McHenry - 712-470-0884

Rachel Spaans - 712-476-9195

Hull Clovers- Hull and Boyden

Avis Bakker – 712-439-2769

Lindsey Warntjes – 712-470-6659

Hayley Moss – 712-439-6704

Missy Van Egdom - 712-439-2102

Country Friends– Sioux Center and Rock Valley

Jody and LaDonna Franken – 712-722-4930

Loyal Paws Dog Club – county-wide dog obedience and handling club, meetings begin after May 1

Avis Bakker – 712-439-2769

Lindsey Warntjes – 712-470-6659

FIRST LEGO League – Hospers

Nate and Shanna De Hoogh – 712-230-0542

FIRST Lego League Byte Hawks – Rock Valley

Mary Zagaeski - 712-578-9163

Mad Scientists Club – county-wide science club

Call ISU Extension Sioux County 712-737-4230


* Towns listed with the club are not exclusive.  For information about 4-H and how to join, call or email Cindy at the Sioux County Extension Office at 712-737-4230 or

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