How Do I Join 4-H?

If you are in the 4th through 12th grade, you can join 4-H.

Sioux County has 17 clubs throughout the county.  You are welcome to join any club, anytime throughout the year.  In 4-H the project areas are unlimited.  If you like animals, art, computers, food, sports, robotics or music, there is a place for you in 4-H.

Here is what Devin De Weerd, a former Sioux County 4-H'er had to say about 4-H:  "As an engineer my goal will be to find solutions through knowledge, communication, teamwork and leadership, to make my community and my work a better place to live.  Citizenship involves giving back to the community.  Through 4-H I learned not to be afraid to take the first step, failure is when you don't even try!"

If you have found a club and want to enroll (instructions) and mail the $30 enrollment fee  (make checks payable to Sioux County Extension, 400 Central Ave NW Suite 700, Orange City IA 51041)).  If you want more information about 4-H call 712-737-4230 or email Cindy Cleveringa at

Sioux County 4-H Clubs and Leaders

Climbing Clovers- Ireton and Hawarden

Mary Schmidt – 712-552-2080

Kelly Rehder – 712-552-1247

Colene Jahn – 712-540-2747

Happy Hi Haps– Ireton

Anna Eilts – 712-278-2502

Christina Van Wyk

Holland Windmills- Orange City, Alton, Maurice

Cheryl Palsma – 712-567-4452

Char Ten Clay – 712-737-4166

Harlan and Phyllis De Haan – 712-737-2418

Paul Lambert – 712-737-4597                                                                                      

Floyd Venturers- Alton, Hospers, Granville

Cathy Punt – 712-752-8437

Mark Pottebaum – 712-756-8967

Darryl and Susan Klein – 712-752-8407

Nate and Shanna De Hoogh – 712-230-0542

Keri Oostra – 712-441-1115

Lincoln Loggers- Hull and Boyden

Michael Harman – 712-439-2837

Drew Mosier – 712-439-2123

Western Go Getters- Sioux Center

Carol Rozeboom – 712-722-2545

Tim and Becky Dykshorn - 712-722-4547

Robyn Postma - 712-722-3555

Deanne Den Herder - 712-722-4576

Al Pottebaum - 712-722-3025

Jeff and Jennifer Husa

Allison Van Regenmorter

Jeremy Jansen

Dean Dekkers

Sioux County Mounties– county-wide horse club, meetings begin after January 1

Melissa Majerus – 712-722-1035

Samantha Foster

James and Christina Davelaar -

Sweet Shooters Air Rifle Club –county-wide shooting sports

JohnMark Byl – 712-449-5808

Howard Brandes – 712-441-0040

Arrowheads Archery Club– county-wide shooting sports

Travis Van Ravenswaay 

712-441-4967 c, 712-722-1503h

Scott Vonk - 712-722-1310h; 712-441-4298c

Sioux Stockmen- Maurice, Orange City, Sioux Center

Joan Punt – 712-567-3131

Cheryl Van Wyk – 712-305-0037

Brad Van Regenmorter - 712-722-1714

Rolling River- Rock Valley

Koni Kooima – 712-476-2580

Wes Dolieslager – 712-439-1100

Mary Zagaeski - 712-578-9163

Vicki Ranschau – 712-476-2706

Hull Clovers- Hull and Boyden

Avis Bakker – 712-439-2769

Lindsey Hyronemus – 712-470-6659

Hayley Moss – 712-439-6704

Amanda Pals - 641-260-0056

Missy Van Egdom - 712-439-2102

Country Friends– Sioux Center and Rock Valley

Jody and LaDonna Franken – 712-722-4930

Loyal Paws Dog Club – county-wide dog obedience and handling club, meetings begin after May 1

Avis Bakker – 712-439-2769

Lindsey Warntjes – 712-470-6659

Amanda Pals - 641-260-0056

Marv and Jackie Maassen – 712-567-5302

FIRST LEGO League – Hospers

Nate and Shanna De Hoogh – 712-230-0542

Mad Scientists Club – county-wide science club

Mike Post – 712-470-1065

* Towns listed with the club are not exclusive.  For information about 4-H and how to join, call or email Cindy at the Sioux County Extension Office at 712-737-4230 or

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