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New for 2009 - 2010

Future Theme Ideas - share YOUR ideas and plans with us...

  • Structures and Architecture
  • CSI:  4-H
  • Animals and Pets

April Showers Bring May Flowers - New!

Go Green - Reduce, Reuse, Recycle - New!

Clowning Around

Take Home Paper

Climbing Clown

Clown Games

Make Your Own Frog Leg Stilts

Stilt Walking

Tin Can Stilts (we asked area schools and hospitals to save #10 (gallon) size cans

Coordination Toy

Balloon Animals

Whirring Widget

Homemade Face Paint

Clown Activities

Circus Lingo

Shooting for the Stars!

Take Home Paper

Worlds in Comparison

Pocket Solar System

Lunar Landscapes

Spinning Galaxies


Past Program Themes

Bugs and Worms

Take Home Paper

Bug Camoflauge

Observe a Worm


Take Home Paper

Family Photo Activities

Rockets and Air

Take Home Paper

Teaching About Air

Balloon and Straw Activity

Air Riddles

Super Spinner Instructions

Super Spinner Pattern

Fizz, Bubble and Goo!

Take Home Paper



Super Ball



Oceans of Fun and a Whale of a Good Time

Take Home Paper

Whale Facts

Teaching About Oceans

Make an Ocean Volcano

Make an Ocean Wave

How Big is a Whale

Teaching Outline

It Was a "Shocking" Experience

Take Home Paper


Electricity Activities (more in Funtivities)

Chemistry Mystery - CSI 4-H

Take Home Paper


Color Climbers and

Mento Geyser

DNA Extraction

Coal Flower and Color Changers

Shiny Coin and Foam Machine

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