4-H Can Be More Than You Can Imagine

There is NO limit to what your 4-H experience can be and where it  can take you - here are SOME examples of the unlimited number of project areas...

The ABCs of 4-H Projects.........

A - Air Rifles, Archery, Aerospace, Art, Astronomy, Automotive
B - Beef, Bicycle, Birds, Bottle/Bucket Calf
C - Camping, Cat, Child Development, Citizenship, Clothing, Communication, Computer, Conservation, Consumer & Management, Corn, Crop Production
D - Dairy (Cattle & Goat), Dog, Drama
E - Electricity/Electronics, Entomology, Environment
F - Fish, Fishing, Flower Gardening, Food & Nutrition, Forestry
G - Gardening, Gerbil, Goat, Guinea Pig
H - Hamster, Health, Home Grounds Improvement, Home Improvement, Horse & Pony, Horticulture
L - Leadership, Llamas
M - Meat Goat, Music
O - Outdoor Adventures
P - Pets, Photography, Plant Science, Poultry
R - Rabbit, Rocketry, Robotics
S - Skateboard/Roller Blade, Scrapbooking, Safety, Safety & Education in Shooting Sports, Science & Technology, Self-determined, Sewing, Sheep, Small Engine, Soybeans, Sport Fishing, Swine
T - Theatre Arts, Tractor
V - Vegetable Crop, Veterinary Science, Visual Art
W - Welding, Wildlife, Woodworking

If you are interested in any of the above listed project areas, then join 4-H today and get to learning!! 

For more information about 4-H, please contact a local 4-H club leaders or the Sioux County Extension Office at 712-737-4230 or email 4-H County Youth Coordnator, Cindy Cleveringa at clever@iastate.edu

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