IMPACT Youth Leadership Experience

IMPACT Youth Leadership Experience
IMPACT Youth Leadership fits into the 4-H mission of “empowering youth to reach their full potential, working and learning with caring adults. “
4-H learning experiences are based on the principles and practices of positive youth development. Positive youth development views young people as vital resources with assets and potentials to be developed rather than as problems to be managed.
Youth-driven 4-H experiences provide youth access to safe learning environments; challenging experiences that build skills, competencies, and resiliency to address life’s challenges and to actively contribute to society; and partnerships with caring adults to help meet youths’ basic needs of belonging, mastery, independence, and mastery.*
IMPACT Youth Leadership Program Goals and Objectives
The IMPACT Youth Leadership program teaches youth the skills to understand their own leadership styles, how teams work and an understanding of how the group can perform more effectively.  A strong component of the IMPACT program is that not only does the program identify leadership skills, but it also teaches those skills to the participants and then gives them an opportunity to put those skills into practice in their community.
IMPACT Partners
"Interstates Harbor Group, Sioux Center, has been an IMPACT partner since it's beginning in 2005.  Throught their generous donations, we are able to keep the cost of this epxerience to a very minimum.  In addition to their financial support the Harbor Group has served as an advisory council helping to shape the program and maintain our mission and objectives to help youth reach their full potential.  We are extremely grateful for their support."  Cindy Cleveringa, Sioux County 4-H County Youth Coordinator
Each year local busniesses and indviduals donate their time, money and resources to help make IMPACT possible.  Sioux Center and MOCHA Kiwanis have also been strong supporters of IMPACT.
Program components:
·              Parent and Youth Pledge
·              Community Survey completed by youth– target seven community people or groups from various ages and involvement in the community
·              IMPACT Youth Leadership Retreat –program includes a sequence of Challenge initiatives to identify and teach leadership, communication, trust and team building skills, sessions on time management and goal setting, stress management (led by Middle School counselor Kerry Griess), Colors Personality ID program  (led by NWC Prof. Oliver), How to Conduct a Meeting Role Play, youth write a personal leadership statement
·              Northwestern College students are trained and plan the Challenge and Mock Meeting portions of the program (supervised by Prof. Oliver)
·              Youth statements – lessons learned are shared in the thank you notes from the retreat
·              Leadership in Action: Mentor/Youth activities following the retreat, include attending leadership meetings in the community and implementing the community service project
Leadership in Action Objectives for youth:
·         Youth will have the opportunity to see leadership in action
·         Youth will build relationships with caring adults
·         Youth will share their ideas with adults who can make a difference
Leadership in Action Objectives for Mentors
·         Mentors will share their leadership skills and experiences with youth
·         Mentors will listen to the ideas of youth in the community and represent them in the community
·         Mentors will build relationships with youth in the community and help prepare them to be the leaders of tomorrow
Community Service Project– identified using the results of the community survey completed by the participants putting their leadership skills into practice
IMPACT Youth Leadership
·         2005-2006       Rock Valley                                                                              25 youth
·         2006-2007       MOC/Floyd Valley                                                                    23 youth
·         2007-2008       Sioux Center                                                                            15 youth
·         2008-2009       re-evaluated and changed to offer county-wide each year
·         2009-2010       county-wide, 9 schools represented                                         25 youth
·         2010-2011       county-wide, 9 schools and home school represented             25 youth
·         2012-2013       county-wide, 5 schools and home school represented           15 youth
·         2011-2012       county-wide, 9 schools represented                                         23 youth
           2012-2013  county-wdie, 7 schools represented                                             16 youth
           2013 - 2014 county-wide, 6 schools represented                                             15 youth
Total youth participants                                                                                             181 youth
·         2005-2006 Mitch Miller, Dennis Mozer, Tom Van Maanen, Dan Breuer, Lisa Schwanke, Maureen Hansen
·         2006-2007 Bruce Jellema, Dan Roghair, Tom Kiernan, Rob Vande Lune, Justin Schrock, Jason Vore
·         2007-2008 John and Kathy Koerselman, Mike Seda, Benj Van Donge, Barb Vermeer
·         2009-2010 Mick Snieder, Chad Hofmeyer, Kathy Koerselman, Denise Harrison, Randy Van Voorst, Jim Poppema, Chad Hofmeyer, Mary Ohm, Eric Vande Hoef
·         2010-2011 Kathy Koerselman, Scott Post, Jeff Bahrenfuss, Sarah Weber, Cindy Cleveringa
·         2011-2012 Jared Weber, Crystal Snieder, Scott Post, Amber Jaworski, Matt Mellema, Alisha Koedam
·         2012 2013 Amber Jaworski, Barb Vermeer, Mitch Aalbers
          2013-2014 Amber Jaworsk and Mitch Aalbers
Service projects completed:
·         2005-2006 hosted a Walk-a-thon to raise funds for their project to purchase and plant trees and flowers and clean up Kiwanis trails, parks and other areas in Rock Valley
·         2006-2007 cleaned local parks in Alton, Orange City, Maurice and Hospers
·         2007-2008 worked at the Bike Safety Rodeo and helped move from the old library into the new library
·         2009-2010 Constructed and delivered 24 bird houses to local senior living centers
·         2010-2011 assembled and delivered over 100 hot meals to elderly and needy families
·         2011-2012 worked at Zestos, served at Shepherd’s Table and worked at Pizza Ranch Tip Night – donated $886.42 to Relay for Life
·         2012 2013 worked at Pizza Ranch fund raiser night and donated over $1000 to Relay for Life and cleaned the Puddle Jumper trail between Alton and Orange City and Highway 18 west in Rock Valley
2013-2014 they will host a tip night fund raiser for ATLAS and visit local senior living centers.
“I have had the opportunity to be a part of IMPACT since it started in 2005.  I have watched middle school students form a community, problem-solve and begin to create plans for community improvement all in about 24 hours.  Most of the students wouldn’t be identified as leaders in their schools, but when given the opportunity to be in a leadership situation, they just blossom.  When the students actually work with area mentors/businesses to see their community improvement plans to completion, the greatest amount of learning happens.  They find they can do it and do it well despite the perception of many that middle school students are not focused or committed.  I love working with middle school students, and I love supporting IMPACT.  What an awesome way to support youth in leadership development! “  Jolynn Oliver, Northwestern College
Submitted by: Cindy Cleveringa
4-H County Youth Coordinator                                                                                                                                                                            

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