2012 Mississippi Valley Fairbook (4-H Supplement)

General Information

4-H and FFA Show Schedule

Iowa Youth Code of Ethics

General Rules for Exhibitors


Animal Exhibits

Rules for Animal Exhibitors

Advanced Cattle Feeder

Breeding Beef

Bucket Calf (Beef & Dairy)

Market Beef



Goat (Dairy)

Goat (Meat)

Horse & Pony





Livestock Sale

Livestock Judging Contest

Hay Judging Contest

Herdsmanship Contest

Dairy Judging Contest


Non-Livestock Exhibits

Rules for Exhibits in Keppy Hall

Rules for State Fair Exhibits (non-livestock)

Ag & Natural Resources (including Animal Science, Conservation, Crop, Entomology, Forestry, Plants, Camping & Shooting Sports)

Science, Mechanics & Engineering (including Aerospace, Auto, Computer, Electric, Small Engine, Tractor, Welding & Woodworking)

Personal Development (including Citizenship, Communication, Health, Leadership, Music, Safety, Self-determined and Video Storytelling)

Horticulture(including Vegetables, Fruits and Flowers)


Visual Art

County Only Classes (including Models, Trash to Treasure, Pets, Heritage, Lego, Collections, Dairy Poster, Scrapbooking & Family Projects)

Communications (including Extemporaneous Speaking, Educational Presentations, Working Exhibits, Share the Fun & Poster)

Clothing (including Fashion Revue, Clothing Selection & The $15 Challenge)

Child Development

Consumer Management

Food & Nutrition

Double Crust Apple Pie

Home Improvement

Miscellaneous (including Group Projects & Clover Kids)

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