Featured Family Life Education Program: PACT



PACT (Parenting All Children Together) is a parent education and support program designed for parents/caregivers of children prenatal through age five, residing in Scott County.  For current PACT registration information, click here.


Funded by Scott County Kids, Early Childhood Iowa, its goal is to:             

  • improve or maintain healthy family functioning, problem solving and communication;
  • increase or maintain social supports;
  • connect families to additional concrete supports;
  • increase knowledge about child development and parenting; and
  • improve nurturing and attachment between parent(s) and child(ren).


Started in April, 2011 this program offers 8 classes per series that focus on a variety of topics that support healthy parent-child relationships and family functioning.  These topics include:

  • setting family goals;
  • early childhood brain development;
  • preventing negative behaviors;
  • positive discipline techniques;
  • organizing family life for healthy lifestyles;
  • social, emotional and cognitive development;
  • reading to children; and
  • child-centered play.


Each adult who registers for this free program receives:

  • a meal at each class;
  • child care during the class;
  • assistance with transportation, if needed;
  • an implementation material/tool that supports each topic;
  • information and referrals to assist with family needs;
  • 90-minute class with reference and support materials; and
  • $40 of an incentive of their choice upon completion of at least six of the eight sessions.


Two types of evaluation are conducted to indicate the effectiveness of PACT. 

  • The Protective Factors Survey is given to participants prior to each series and following each series.  For more information about this evaluation, click here.
  • A follow-up assessment has been conducted to determine how past PACT participants have changed their understanding of parenting and parenting behaviors.  For more information about this evaluation, click here.


For more information about PACT, contact Jennifer Best or Marisa Bloom at Iowa State University Extension and Outreach, Scott County at 563-359-7577 .

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