Parenting Information You Can Trust

Parenting in Early Childhood

1-12 Months -- Ages and Stages

12-18 Months -- Ages and Stages

18-24 Months -- Ages and Stages

2-Year-Olds -- Ages and Stages

3-Year-Olds -- Ages and Stages

4-Year-Olds -- Ages and Stages

Biting -- Understanding Children

Children and Sleep -- Understanding Children

Child Care Checklist for Parents

Disciplining Your Preschooler -- Understanding Children

Disciplining Your Toddler -- Understanding Children

Fears -- Understanding Children

Language Development -- Understanding Children

Learning to Read and Write -- Understanding Children

Moving to a New Home -- Understanding Children

Preschool & Kindergarten Ahead -- Early Learning

Self-Esteem -- Understanding Children

Sibling Rivalry -- Understanding Children

Toys -- Understanding Children

Temper Tantrums -- Understanding Children

Toilet Training -- Understanding Children



Parenting Schoolagers


Brothers and Sisters -- Getting Along

Getting Along: When I'm Angry

Guidance and Discipline for Early Elementary Children

Parenting on Your Own

Sibling Fights -- Getting Along

5-Year-Olds -- Ages and Stages

6-8 Years -- Ages and Stages

9-11 Years -- Ages and Stages



Parenting Pre-Teens and Teens


10 Principles for Parenting your Teen

Parenting Young Teens: Effective Parenting

Parenting Young Teens: Young Teen Development

Understanding Changes in Thinking -- Living With Your Teenager

Understanding Physical Changes -- Living With Your Teenager


Understanding Emotional Changes -- Living With Your Teenager


The Changing Parent-Child Relationship -- Living With Your Teenager

Parenting Young Teens: Early Dating

Parenting Young Teens: Keeping Young Teens Out of Trouble

Parenting Young Teens: Parenting in Stepfamilies

Parenting Young Teens: Teaching Responsibility to Young Teens

Common Stresses for Parents of Teens -- Stress Taking Charge



Children and the Media


Obesity and Overuse of Electronic Media - Science of Parenting

Video Games and Other Media: Pros and Cons -- Science of Parenting

Taming the TV -- Getting Along



Children and Health


Guide to Healthy Kids: What Parents Can Do -- Raising Healthy Kids

Keep Kids With Food Allergies Safe: They're Counting On You! At Home-In Class-After School Ask Before You Eat

Say 'YES' to Family Meals -- Raising Healthy Kids

Steps to a Healthier Family -- Raising Healthy Kids



Children and Divorce


A Child's View -- Divorce Matters

Coping with Stress and Change -- Divorce Matters

Talking with Children -- Divorce Matters

Talking with Your Child's Other Parent - Divorce Matters

Visitation Dos and Don'ts - Divorce Matters



Science of Parenting


Just in Time Parenting

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