2014 Mississippi Valley Fairbook (4-H Supplement)

General Information

4-H and FFA Show Schedule
Iowa Youth Code of Ethics
General Rules for Exhibitors

Animal Exhibits

Rules for Animal Exhibitors

Livestock Sale
Livestock Judging Contest
Hay Judging Contest
Herdsmanship Contest
Dairy Judging Contest

Non-Livestock Exhibits

Rules for Exhibits in Keppy Hall
Rules for State Fair Exhibits (non-livestock)
Ag & Natural Resources (including Animal Science, Conservation, Crop, Entomology, Forestry, Plants, Camping & Shooting Sports)
Science, Mechanics & Engineering (including Aerospace, Auto, Computer, Electric, Small Engine, Tractor, Welding & Woodworking)
Personal Development (including Citizenship, Communication, Health, Leadership, Music, Safety, Self-determined and Video Storytelling)
Horticulture (including Vegetables, Fruits and Flowers)
Visual Art
County Only Classes  (including Models, Trash to Treasure, Pets, Heritage, Lego, Collections, Dairy Poster, Scrapbooking & Family Projects)
Communications (including Extemporaneous Speaking, Educational Presentations, Working Exhibits, Share the Fun & Poster)
Clothing (including Fashion Revue, Clothing Selection & The $15 Challenge)
Child Development
Consumer Management
Food & Nutrition
Double Crust Apple Pie
Home Improvement
Clover Kids
Club Work Schedule for Keppy Hall

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