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2015 ISU James D. McKean Swine Disease Conference
Thursday, November 5 - Friday, November 6, 2015

Roy Schultz Lectureship Series
The Roy Schultz Lectureship Series was established through a generous gift by Dr. Roy Schultz (ISU DVM '60, MS '81) and his wife, Jan (ISU BA '59). Roy, an internationally renowned swine practitioner, and Jan have requested that the Iowa State University College of Veterinary Medicine provide high-quality educational opportunities for college faculty and Iowa practitioners to enhance swine practice and the delivery of quality veterinary services to the swine industry. This Lectureship series is designed to facilitate these efforts.

Roy is the embodiment of Iowa State University's Science with Practice motto. In the face of mounting losses associated with an emerging respiratory disease- Haemophilus pleuropneumonia (now APP), Roy took several years from his practice to characterize the disease, clinical and pathologic lesions, and to investigate control and mitigation strategies that would benefit his clients. In the process, he provided leading edge information on this disease for the research and practice communities.

This year's Roy Schultz Lectureship speaker is Dr. Eric Neumann. Dr Neumann hails from New Zealand and will speak about the appropriate use of diagnostic technologies to prepare a control/treatment plan by practitioners, "How Much Testing is Really Needed to Formulate a Diagnosis?" This year we get a bonus lecture from our Roy Schultz Lectureship speaker and Dr. Newmann will present an additional 30-minute presentation on "Import Restrictions: New Zealand's Perspective.  

Dr Eric Neumann is the owner of Epi-Insight Limited, a New Zealand based epidemiology consulting business that works for international clients in the areas of biosecurity, animal health, livestock production, public policy aspects of animal disease management, and global trade in animals or animal products. He has over 20 years of experience helping clients manage complex problems that require an evidentiary approach to problem identification, structured collection of data, and analysis in order to make business decisions or craft effective public policy.

Dr Neumann has been involved in livestock production, aid and development projects, infectious disease management and research, controlled experimental trials, international project management and collaboration, government-sector biosecurity policy development, and one-health training in locations around the world and is currently working on projects in Afghanistan, South Asia, the United States, and Australasia.

Dr Neumann has been on the faculty of the veterinary school at Massey University in New Zealand since 2005 and remains as an Adjunct Associate Professor of Medicine and Epidemiology at Massey in addition to his full-time consulting business. He has an undergraduate degree, Masters and Doctor of Veterinary Medicine from the University of Illinois, and completed a PhD in Veterinary Epidemiology at Massey University. 

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