RUSLE2 Workshops

Introductory RUSLE2

The Introductory RUSLE2 & the Iowa Phosphorus Index is a "Level 1" workshop which focuses on introduction to the Revised Universal Soil Loss Equation 2 (RUSLE2) and Iowa Phosphorus Index. Learning activities include how to install the software and accompanying databases, determining dominant critical area, understanding sheet and rill erosion, operating various components of the "Profile Version" of RUSLE2, management operations and setting up crop rotations. Also discussed is, ephemeral gully and classical gully erosion, Iowa Phosphorus Index software and its use in IDNR Manure Management Plans (MMPs) & Open Feedlot Nutrient Management Plans (NMPs) and soil sampling requirements for MMPs and NMPs. 

This workshop is designed for any producer who wants to do their own nutrient or manure management plan or any service provider who is considering offering these services to clients or just needs a refresher on the basics of the software. 

Click here for information about the June 2, 2016 workshop.

Advanced RUSLE2

The Advanced RUSLE2 Workshop is a "Level 2" workshop for service providers and producers who are planning to develop nutrient and manure management plans. This workshop enables participants to learn RUSLE2 principles in terms of dividing fields, determining RUSLE2 slope length, percent steepness, conservation practices both in RUSLE2 and Iowa Phosphorus Index, combining soil analytical results, and addressing land needs for Iowa Phosphorus Index requirements. 
This workshop spends considerable time identifying different conservation practices and their impact on the landscape and in the software. It is highly suggested that you attend the introductory level workshop before attending this workshop or have at least one year of experience running RUSLE2 or the Iowa Phosphorus Index software. 
Participants registering for this workshop should have attended the Level 1 workshop and should have at least one year experience working with RUSLE2 software.

Information will be posted here when the workshop is offered.

Expert RUSLE2

The Expert RUSLE2 Workshop is a "Level 3" workshop designed to help Technical Service Providers (TSPs) meet proficiency requirements for running RUSLE2 to meet USDA-NRCS conservation planning requirements. The workshop focuses on RUSLE2 principles for setting up different managements in RUSLE2 including strip cropping, terraces and strips, hays and pastures, exploring the RUSLE2 software for "Plan" and Watershed version of RUSLE2, and using combination tools for field operations. 
Participants registering for this workshop should have attended both Level 1 and Level 2 workshops and should have at least two years experience working with RUSLE2 software