Friends, colleagues, mentors, collaborators, students and mentees of Lee Anne Willson are gathering to mark the occasion of her retirement after 41 years at Iowa State University.  The meeting will have the dual theme of stellar astronomy and the people who study stars.  In addition to sessions covering recent research on evolved stars and mass loss, young stars and star forming regions, and variable stars of all types, there will be sessions on the history of the subject, on art related to science, and on demographics and current issues. 

As I look back on my 50 years in Physics and Astronomy, and my 41 years at Iowa State, I find the greatest pleasure thinking of the people I have worked with.  My colleagues at ISU, who are organizing this meeting, are my professional family.  My students have gone on to interesting careers, some in astronomy and some making use of their skills in other areas. Sabbaticals, research visits, and conferences have taken me to many interesting places where collaborations and friendships have flourished.  The joy of solving problems, whether related to an astronomical puzzle or an institution that serves the field, is equally central to my career.   I look forward to seeing all of you in Ames in May, to help me celebrate my transition to what I like to call my permanent sabbatical.
Lee Anne Willson

                     Then (1973)                                                                                                         Now (2013)                
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