Master Equine Manager Courses

The Iowa State University Extension Master Equine Manager Program is a comprehensive educational experience that teaches the science of horse management along with riding and training concepts. The program combines discussion with hands-on experience in six core curriculum sessions. Interested in becoming a Master Equine Manager?  

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Master Equine Manager Practical Workshop
Apply the Knowledge You Learned or Are Learning From the Master Equine Manager Certification Course

  • Iowa State University – April 22nd and April 23rd (Saturday is optional for tours and additional information)
  • University of Connecticut – May 13th
  • Individuals currently enrolled in the MEM course – Free
  • Former individuals who completed the Master Equine Manager Certification Course  $40

The practical workshop will consist of an educational and "hands-on" component. At the location you choose to attend the item listed will be discussed, demonstrated, and you will be able to practice. Locations may arrange tours to local facilities as well as add more educational components than listed.

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Examples of Workshop Activities

  • Demonstrate safely working around a horse, positive and negative reinforcement by catching, leading, tying and grooming a horse
  • Describe or demonstrate how to prepare, load and unload animals safely and effectively minimizing stress to the animal
  • Critique stable design and construction by touring an equine facility. Visiting horse facilities may be optional depending on time.
  • Learn about fire extinguishers
  • Inspect horses for signs of good health
  • Measure a horse's body temperature, pulse, respiration rate, body water level/capillary refill
  • Demonstrate how to care for the hoof and identify the parts of the hoof
  • Select and apply stable/protective bandages with protective padding as required maintaining safety and security of self and horse throughout
  • Demonstrate how to deworm a horse
  • Demonstrate how to give a horse an intramuscular injection
  • Show how to check a horse for gut sounds.  Identify normal, caution, and "red alert" conditions
  • Demonstrate two methods (weight tape & body formula) of determining a horse's weight
  • Demonstrate how to body condition score a horse. 
  • Identify common grasses and legumes
  • How to evaluate hay including taking a hay sample for analysis
  • How to read a feed ingredient tag
  • Describe how to identify horses including external points of the horse, colors and markings
  • Demonstrate knowledge of horse anatomy, skeletal and muscular development in relation

The Master Equine Manager program provides educational training in the science of horse care and management. If you wish to be added to our mailing list for future classes, please contact:

Peggy Auwerda 

Any fees for service will be used to off-set direct expenses and to support the Agriculture & Natural Resources Extension program.