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Agriculture Experiment Station

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The Iowa Agriculture and Home Economics Experiment Station is charged to conduct organized research in the biological, physical, and social sciences, to contribute to the advancement of all Iowa's agricultural industry, and to improve the economic and social condition of Iowa's families and communities.

College of Agriculture

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The College of Agriculture's mission is to:

  • discover and share science-based knowledge for the development of socially beneficial, economically successful and environmentally sound systems for food and other renewable resources
  • engage communities for enhancing the quality of life
  • and prepare students to become future leaders in agriculture and society

College of Design

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The mission of the College of Design includes providing an organization for direct interaction among students, faculty and professionals involved in all aspects of the visual arts, design and the planning of structures, communities and environments; and serving as a design resource for the university, the community and the state. The college provides leadership and distinction as a design resource at national and international levels.

Community and Economic Development Extension and Outreach

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ISU Extension's Community and Economic Development programming is focused on developing productive, healthy and sustainable communities. Get help with community visioning, governance and economic development.

Community Vitality Center

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The mission of the Iowa Community Vitality Center (CVC) is to serve as a catalyst for innovative projects and initiatives designed to improve the vitality of Iowa communities. The CVC facilitates networking among small and medium size rural communities, sponsors policy analyses, engages communities in dialogue, and fosters discussion among rural and urban interests. Specifically, the CVC:

  • identifies policy topics of concern to rural communities;
  • commissions research to analyze the priority policy topics and differential impacts of public policy on rural communities and rural areas;
  • assesses best practices, lessons learned and performance of alternative strategies to improve rural vitality;
  • fosters collaborative public-private partnerships to engage rural communities and diverse rural and urban interests in dialogue.

The Community Vitality Center is an independent policy analysis center established as a joint collaboration between Iowa State University and rural community leaders representing diverse public and private sector interests from across the state of Iowa.

Department of Community and Regional Planning

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Department of Economics

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The Department of Economics at Iowa State University has long been a respected source of high quality information in all areas of economics education, research, and outreach. Maintaining this respected position are 47 permanent faculty members, an active visiting scholar program, and over 40 professional and clerical staff members. The members of our faculty and staff are committed to improving the lives of students and citizens in Iowa and around the world.

Department of Landscape Architecture

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The Department of Landscape Architecture is committed to providing students with a meaningful learning experience; to educate for the multi-faceted profession of landscape architecture through a balanced educational program that fosters professional and intellectual growth. Opportunities for hands-on learning are provided through community outreach oriented to these goals:
•  Maintaining close connections with landscape architectural extension.
•  Integrating community-initiated, client-based projects in studios.
•  Offering an upper-level community design studio devoted to teaching the theory and methods of participatory design and its application to landscape form.
•  Integrating current local, regional, and national issues and concerns in upper-level design studios.
•  Offering work opportunities with landscape architecture extension.

Department of Sociology

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Extension sociology engages the people and communities of Iowa by applying science and scholarship to the issues of public concern and daily life. Our core research, extension, and outreach programs focus on leadership and organizational development, building food and natural resource communities, partnerships in community building, and tracking the pulse of Iowa. Extension sociology is aligned with ISU Extension to Communities and ISU Extension to Agriculture and Natural Resources.

Great Plains Interactive Distance Education Alliance

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The Great Plains IDEA is an award-winning multi-state alliance led by Human Sciences Colleges, founded in 1994, as a means to create a marketplace for sharing distance education courses and programs at the graduate level. Combining today’s emerging technologies with program-based alliances, it utilizes the growing field of distance education to connect students around the country and afford them the opportunity to be admitted to one member institution and study at other member institutions via Internet-based courses.

Institute for Design Research and Outreach

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IDRO's overall mission is to stimulate creative approaches to solving design problems. It strives to promote interdisciplinary design research, to facilitate communication with design professionals and the public, and to respond to the needs of the people of Iowa in areas associated with the design disciplines. Current focus areas include community sustainability, environmental awareness and responsiveness, implementation of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), historic preservation, spatial analysis using geographic information systems, and nonprofit management training. Programs are organized around these areas of emphasis and expertise. Projects often are conducted collaboratively, and individual faculty may be involved in several different programs at the same time.

Institute for Transportation

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Iowa Architectural Foundation

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The Iowa Architectural Foundation (IAF) was established to promote architecture and its positive effects on the quality of life in Iowa. Founded in 1989, the IAF is a volunteer, nonprofit organization. The board of trustees is composed of architects, educators, and business leaders statewide. The IAF receives direct financial support and participation from other foundations, businesses and individuals who believe in the importance of building an understanding of this most public art.

Iowa Department of Transportation

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The Iowa Department of Transportation deploys a professional workforce of nearly 3,400 individuals dedicated to moving people and goods efficiently, effectively and safely.

Iowa is in a unique position, geographically located at the center of the nation, at the crossroads for the country’s surface transportation system, with transcontinental Interstate highways 35 and 80 traversing the state and crossing in Des Moines.

Iowa is also the only state in the country bordered by two navigable waterways – the Missouri and Mississippi rivers. The country’s busiest freight rail system crosses Iowa’s midsection and the nation’s transcontinental passenger rail service (Amtrak) traverses the southern tier of counties in the state.

Iowa is also the home of the Des Moines International Airport and eight other commercial service airports, connecting our state to the world.

As such, Iowa is an economic thoroughfare for domestic and international movement of people and goods, placing a considerable demand on the state’s transportation infrastructure.


Iowa Finance Authority

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for information on the Iowa Finance Authority, please contact

Terri Rosonke

Iowa Geographic Information Council (IGIC)

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The mission of the Iowa Geographic Information Council (IGIC) is to foster an efficient GIS environment through cooperation and coordination with public and private entities that access, collect, provide, and share data, metadata, applications and educational opportunities.

Iowa Great Places

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Iowa Municipal Finance Officers

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The goal of the Iowa Municipal Finance Officers Association (IMFOA) is to make it possible for every finance officer to obtain the necessary knowledge through mutual assistance training opportunities.

Iowa State Association of County Auditors

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Iowa State University Department of Statistics

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North Central Regional Center for Rural Development

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Office of State and Local Government Programs

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Trees Forever

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The Trees Forever mission is to plant and care for trees and the environment by empowering people, building community, and promoting stewardship.

Since 1989, Trees Forever has created nationally award winning programs that pool resources from donors and sponsors to fund and assist with grassroots projects. We’re also dedicated to working with diverse communities and celebrating cultures through projects that tie to the Trees Forever mission.

United States Department of Agriculture

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