Institute for Design Research and Outreach

Programs Offered

CD-DIAL (Community Developmentā€“Data Information and Analysis Laboratory)
Community and Economic Development Extension and Outreach, Institute for Design Research and Outreach, College of Design

CD-DIAL works with communities, organizations, and state and local agencies to assist and build decision-making capacity in these groups, especially as they collect and use information about their local population members or the constituents they serve.

We conduct surveys through mail, online and telephone surveys. We work with stakeholders from conceptualizing the survey (i.e. questionnaire development, sampling, etc.) up to report writing/presentation of the result. We work closely with the client. The team gathers and analyzes the data, writes the report, and presents the results as requested by the client.

CD-DIAL can produce mailing lists if needed.  We can perform quantitative and qualitative analysis of data as well as spatial representation of data in the form of GIS maps.

GIS Diagnostics
Institute for Design Research and Outreach, College of Design

This program is designed to assist agencies that are willing to improve the way GIS is being used in their environment. The technology has an enormous capacity to perform spatial analysis, and most of the time, it is underutilized. The main goal of this program is to elaborate a GIS Diagnostics for agencies, subscribing strategies, based on their needs, to incorporate spatial analysis in their daily routine. A step-by-step strategic plan will be developed for the agency with the goal to maximize the use of the technology to improve some of their daily tasks.

PLaCE (Partnering Landscape and Community Enhancement)
Institute for Design Research and Outreach, College of Design

Provides assistance to create concept plan aimed at enhancing and promoting quality and character of a landscape or community. Past projects include historic preservation feasibility studies; housing needs assessments; development of downtown revitalization plans, city and county comprehensive plans, park and trail master plans, etc.

Special Topics Workshops
Institute for Design Research and Outreach, College of Design, Department of Community and Regional Planning

These two- to three-hour programs will be offered as evening programs on request.  The host city or county and Mr. Taylor will agree on the topic in advance.  Popular topics are annexation, the Iowa Smart Planning Act, extraterritorial zoning and subdivision controls, the roles of the elected body, planning commission and zoning board of adjustment, current hot topics in planning law, and innovative planning practices.