Community Tourism Assessment and Recommendations for Building Success

Program: Through this program, the community will learn how their current tourism assets and readiness place them within today's tourism marketplace; in addition they will receive recommended steps for building tourism as a community economic tool.

The program is typically conducted as a one-day site visit to the community.  The Tourism Economic Development Specialist meets initially with a small group of key community tourism representatives to identify current strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats.  Much of the day is spent touring existing/potential tourism sites.  The day ends with a final meeting, when recommendations are presented to the community group.

Audience: ISUEO Extension Councils, Chambers of Commerce, CVB, Main Street, and tourism businesses

Sponsor/Provider: Community and Economic Development Extension and Outreach

Estimated Fee:

This program fee is typically $1,000 for a day-long assessment, which includes:  SWOT analysis, site visits, and a final meeting with recommendations.  Additional costs may be charged if extensive travel or overnight lodging are required.


Availability: November through March

Delivery Schedule: Educational workshops and facilitated visioning sessions are typically two-three hours, with additional prior consultation necessary to develop the customized sessions. More intensive visioning and strategizing projects require six to eighteen months.

Two communities per year will be accepted for this program.

Diane Van Wyngarden
(641) 295-5757
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