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Local Technical Assistance Program (LTAP)

Program: The goal of LTAP is to share new research and updated information with local transportation agencies and help them in their daily transportation operations. The Iowa LTAP efforts include a quarterly technology newsletter, transportation lending library, training workshops, and individualized technical assistance. Iowa LTAP is a key venue for disseminating and implementing transportation research and best practices operations. Many research projects become topics for technical and/or newsletter articles, workshop and seminar presentations, and library reference materials.

Audience: Local government elected officials, professional and technical staff and maintenance and operations workers. Consultants also utilize these services.

Sponsor/Provider: Institute for Transportation

Estimated Fee: Varies according to service. Lending library services and individualized technical assistance are free.  Other services such as conferences and workshops have a fee.


Institute for Transportation

2711 S. Loop Drive, Suite 4700

Ames, IA  50010


Delivery Schedule: Scheduling is flexible.

Web Link:  http://www.iowaltap.iastate.edu

For more information please contact:

Keith Knapp, LTAP Director



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