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Iowa Traffic Safety Data Service (ITSDS)

Program: ITSDS provides agencies with the most readily available crash data analysis resources in Iowa. It was created to fill the gap between what safety data users can gather for themselves and what they can obtain from experts. ITSDS uses the latest in geographic information systems technology developed by the Iowa DOT. Using the data and analyses provided by ITSDS, agencies can help reduce the number of crashes in their jurisdictions.

Audience: Anyone who needs to examine crash data to make decisions about funding, improving roads, implementing enforcement, writing reports, designing presentations, or increasing traffic safety awareness.

Sponsor/Provider: Institute for Transportation

Estimated Fee: Free for small studies (usually less than two days effort) and data/plot requests. Larger studies' fees can be negotiated.


ISU Institute for Transportation (CTRE)

ISU Research Park

2711 S. Loop Dr, Suite 4700

Ames, IA  50010

phone 515.294.8103

fax 515.294.0467


Delivery Schedule: most requests can be completed within one to two weeks.

for more information, see this website:

or contact:

Zach Hans, Manager


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