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Monitoring Recreational Trail Use

Program: In order to make more informed decisions regarding developing new recreational trails or materials to promote trail use it is useful to know what trails are currently used most often, what time of day they are used and if there are any trails that are underutilized. To answer these questions, trail use monitors can be installed to count the number of users over a given period of time. This program is designed to provide assistance and equipment necessary to collect this information.

Audience: Small to medium sized towns/communities

Sponsor/Provider: Community and Economic Development Extension and Outreach, Department of Landscape Architecture

Estimated Fee: $500 - $1500

The fee is based on the number of monitors installed and the length of time they will be used.

Communities interested in this program may wish to expand upon the trail data collection and work with ISU Extension to perform an analysis of the communities built environment to understand how the landscape can be improved to create a more healthy community.

Location: The community/place of focus

Availability: 10 monitors are currently available.

Delivery Schedule: 1 to 2 months

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