Economic Development

Targeted Industrial Development and Research

Program: This is a regional industrial and economic research service designed to help multi-county groups understand the structure of their shared regional economy and which elements of their regional economy are strong, stable, declining, or emerging.

Audience: Multi-county groups in rural, underserved regions of the state. Research has been concentrated in Southern Iowa Counties in EDA planning regions.

Sponsor/Provider: College of Agriculture, Department of Economics

Estimated Fee: No fee to users Supported by a grant from the Economic Development Agency, U.S. Department of Commerce, and Iowa State University. Funds available to continue the program through 2010.

Location: All research and research-related activities are conducted at Iowa State University. Several informational meetings with participating stakeholders are held in preparation for the research. The research findings are presented to regional economic development officials and to the public in a series of meetings.

Availability: Through 2010

Delivery Schedule:

David Swenson
(515) 294-7458
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