Community Design & Visioning

Community Design Program

Program: Provides urban planning and design assistance to communities through a participatory public decision-making process that brings organizational representatives, community officials and concerned citizens together with professional designers. Process culminates in an intensive visioning workshop or “charrette” to help all parties visualize the possibilities suggested by community development initiatives.

Audience: Communities

Sponsor/Provider: Iowa Architectural Foundation

Estimated Fee: $5,000 to cover design team expenses plus local in-kind services solicited (meeting space, housing, meals, some materials). Cost covers variable expenses to the foundation, practitioners’ time is pro bono.

Location: Communities

Availability: Five per year

Delivery Schedule: Preparation time of one to two months; visioning workshop (charrette) two-three days

For more information contact

Iowa Architectural Foundation Executive Director,

phone:  515.244.1888

or click here:

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