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GIS Diagnostics

Program: This program is designed to assist agencies that are willing to improve the way GIS is being used in their environment. The technology has an enormous capacity to perform spatial analysis, and most of the time, it is underutilized. The main goal of this program is to elaborate a GIS Diagnostics for agencies, subscribing strategies, based on their needs, to incorporate spatial analysis in their daily routine. A step-by-step strategic plan will be developed for the agency with the goal to maximize the use of the technology to improve some of their daily tasks.

Audience: Public and private planning agencies that acquired GIS software and are using the technology for simple mapping, instead of performing spatial analysis in an effective and efficient way.

Sponsor/Provider: Institute for Design Research and Outreach, College of Design

Estimated Fee: $3,000 The first two visits are free. The price of the complete diagnostics varies from $1,000 to $5,000 depending on the complexity of geographic database and uses for the technology.

Location: The agency of focus


Delivery Schedule: 2 to 10 Months

Monica Haddad
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