Economic Development

Iowa Community Indicators Program


Economic and demographic data and analysis for community development efforts, local needs assessments, and community benchmarking. 


Web-based information products include local retail trade analysis reports, demographic and economic indicators, industry studies, and other tools for community analysis.  Standardized data products and reports are available at no charge.  For more in-depth information needs, we offer fee-based research and technical consulting services to communities and groups.  See separate listings for Community Economic Analysis and Education Services and Targeted Industrial Development and Research.  

Audience: Communities, organizations, state and local agencies

Sponsor/Provider: Community and Economic Development Extension and Outreach, College of Agriculture, Agriculture Experiment Station, Department of Economics, Department of Sociology

Estimated Fee: $0 No Charge

Location: N/A

Availability: Year round.

Delivery Schedule: N/A

Liesl Eathington
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