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Grant Writing 101 Workshop

Program: Grant Writing 101 provides hands-on training in identifying relevant grant opportunities and developing successful grant applications. Workshop participants will bring their organizations increased capacity to secure funding to serve their consitutents' needs.

This workshop can be offered as a 3-hour, entry-level workshop that includes exploration of various funding sources and instruction on planning and writing effective grant applications, or as a 6-hour program that includes a follow-up second session during which participants' in-progress grant applications are reviewed and critiqued.  Participants are encouraged to bring a laptop, iPad, or other tablet device to the workshop for hands-on exploration.

Audience: Representatives of local government, nonprofit organizations, and schools.

Sponsor/Provider: Community and Economic Development Extension and Outreach

Estimated Fee: $500

Location: Local facility in the community with good internet connectivity.  Laptop or tablet computer devices to be used by workshop participants may be provided by participants or by the program sponsor.

Availability: Upon request, with suitable notice for scheduling.

Delivery Schedule: Any time

Jane Goeken
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