Communities to Community (C2C)

Program: The 2-year C2C program will offer bundled design, educational, business, and leadership development services related to community development. The services will be customized to promote the positive changes and outcomes that client communities desire. Potential outcomes include stabilizing downtown environments; improving citizen participation; encouraging diversity; capitalizing on small business and tourism opportunities; meeting housing needs; or achieving quality of life goals. Selected communities will work in a partnership with ISU faculty, staff, and students.

Audience: Iowa communities interested in exploring their futures.

Sponsor/Provider: Community and Economic Development Extension and Outreach

Estimated Fee: $20,000 to $40,000 C2C will require a two-year contract with ISU Extension and Outreach.  Client communities will be asked to focus on measurable, achievable outcomes in order to help other Iowa communities learn from their experience.

Location: Meetings will be held in the community on a regular basis.

Availability: Five communities will be accepted in 2012 during this preliminary offering.

Delivery Schedule:

Partner communities will form a local steering committee to work with ISU faculty, staff, and students.

Jane Goeken
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