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Municipal Clerks’ Course: Advanced Accounting (Accrual Accounting)

Program: For those with accounting experience but new to the municipal arena, or current staff trying to improve your accounting skills, this new offering is available for the first time.  Advanced Accounting- Accrual is a two day course for training those required to do accrual and year end conversions in preparation for the annual audit.  For more information on the course, registration, and local accommodations please contact Cindy Kendall at the address below.

Audience: Municipal Clerks

Sponsor/Provider: Community and Economic Development Extension and Outreach, Office of State and Local Government Programs

Estimated Fee: $380.00

Location: Statewide.

Availability: Signup deadline is June 1.

Delivery Schedule: Once per year, usually mid-July.

Cindy Kendall

Mary Beth Sprouse
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