Public & Private Agencies

CD-DIAL (Community Development–Data Information and Analysis Laboratory)
Community and Economic Development Extension and Outreach, Institute for Design Research and Outreach, College of Design

CD-DIAL works with communities, organizations, and state and local agencies to assist and build decision-making capacity in these groups, especially as they collect and use information about their local population members or the constituents they serve.

We conduct surveys through mail, online and telephone surveys. We work with stakeholders from conceptualizing the survey (i.e. questionnaire development, sampling, etc.) up to report writing/presentation of the result. We work closely with the client. The team gathers and analyzes the data, writes the report, and presents the results as requested by the client.

CD-DIAL can produce mailing lists if needed.  We can perform quantitative and qualitative analysis of data as well as spatial representation of data in the form of GIS maps.

Customer Service and Hospitality Training
Community and Economic Development Extension and Outreach

Learn basic and advanced techniques to improve your customer service and community hospitality skill sets.

Exito en el Norte/Success in the U.S.
Community and Economic Development Extension and Outreach

ÉXITO en el Norte helps both new and established Spanish-speaking residents meet the challenges of daily life in the U.S., providing critical life skills information and tools, and promoting community involvement, self-sufficiency and overall contribution to local communities across the U.S. Foreign-born residents living in the U.S. face special challenges particular to immigrants living in a new country:

1. language barrier – many adult immigrants do not learn to speak English proficiently enough to effectively communicate while living in the U.S.

2. cultural barriers – misunderstandings may often arise from differences in cultural norms and expectations

ÉXITO en el Norte empowers Spanish-speaking residents living in the U.S. to overcome barriers with a basic understanding of how to navigate daily life in the U.S., an understanding of basic rights as well as responsibilities, and tools to access locally available sources of information on each of these topics: Finances, Healthcare, Education, Taxes, Public Assistance, the Legal System and Immigration.

GIS: Volunteered Geographic Information (VGI)
Community and Economic Development Extension and Outreach, Department of Landscape Architecture

New interactive technologies on the Web such as Google Maps, Google Earth or other Web 2.0 applications capable of geotagging information enables citizens to create their own personal maps of a community or specific place. Termed Volunteered Geographic Information (VGI) this information can be used to by decision makers as they plan the future of a community.

Grant Writing 101 Workshop
Community and Economic Development Extension and Outreach

Grant Writing 101 provides hands-on training in identifying relevant grant opportunities and developing successful grant applications. Workshop participants will bring their organizations increased capacity to secure funding to serve their consitutents' needs.

This workshop can be offered as a 3-hour, entry-level workshop that includes exploration of various funding sources and instruction on planning and writing effective grant applications, or as a 6-hour program that includes a follow-up second session during which participants' in-progress grant applications are reviewed and critiqued.  Participants are encouraged to bring a laptop, iPad, or other tablet device to the workshop for hands-on exploration.

Iowa Traffic Safety Data Service (ITSDS)
Institute for Transportation

ITSDS provides agencies with the most readily available crash data analysis resources in Iowa. It was created to fill the gap between what safety data users can gather for themselves and what they can obtain from experts. ITSDS uses the latest in geographic information systems technology developed by the Iowa DOT. Using the data and analyses provided by ITSDS, agencies can help reduce the number of crashes in their jurisdictions.

Safety Circuit Rider
Institute for Transportation

Iowa''s Safety Circuit Rider program deals primarily with highway safety related issues such as temporary traffic control for work zones, flagger training, permanent traffic signing and pavement markings, roadside safety and other related issues. Workshops, studies, and advice on these topics can be provided upon request.

Statistics in the Community (STATCOM)
Iowa State University Department of Statistics

Statistics in the Community (STATCOM) is a community outreach program that serves local communities throughout the nation. At Iowa State, STATCOM offers statistical advice and expertise to governmental and nonprofit groups. Students in the Department of Statistics coordinate the statistical consulting services provided through STATCOM.