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Welcome to the Community and Economic Development Program Builder. We are a web based marketplace where community leaders can review and make selections from a variety of technical assistance, consulting and educational programs that will improve the quality of life in your community.

Program Builder provides you with the tools to construct personalized service agreements with Economic Development Service providers. Programs include services for economic development, leadership, government, governance, landscape revitalization, community visualizing, downtown restoration, parks, transportation, workshops, local government, geodatabase, nonprofit agencies, leadership and management.

To get started, browse the general service areas to the left side of this page or the programs and providers listed on the top menu.

Build a Program

Using Program Builder, you can find detailed information on programs and services that meet the specific needs of your community.   

You can use Program Builder to ask questions of service providers, work out details of delivery dates and methods, and create an agreement to receive these services from ISU Extension program specialists and our partners.

Create an Account

By following the instructions at the "My Account" link in the upper right corner, you can gain access to the full capabilities of Program Builder.  Your account allows you to develop a variety of alternative proposals, to gather information from providers, and to make decisions on what programs will work best for your community.

When you create an account, the information you provide to Program Builder is only used to contact you in response to your inquiries. Your contact information, as well as proposals you may be considering, will not be shared with anyone except our service providers and only when you choose to initiate a request for a services agreement.

Requests for information and submissions to the Program Builder will be acknowledged by Susan Erickson, Program Builder Coordinator, within two working days.

We look forward to working with you for a better Iowa.

Want more information? Download our Program Builder brochure (.pdf file) or contact Susan Erickson at (515)294-1790