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ISU Extension and Outreach Acronym Dictionary

Have you ever heard an acronym that you were unfamiliar with? Since 1995, Rich Wrage, Regional Extension Education Director, has been compiling a list of acronyms associated with our work in ISU Extension and Outreach. During the last 21 years, Rich’s list has evolved into more of a reference dictionary and will serve as a wonderful resource for our new and seasoned staff, faculty and volunteers.

Open Meetings, Open Records Handbook - Iowa Freedom of Information Council

The Iowa Freedom of Information Council’s pocket-size booklet contains the text of Chapters 21, 22 and 23 of the Iowa Code and questions and answers about the laws. We charge $2 each for the booklet to defray printing costs (or you can view the entire text below). For copies of this publication or further information, contact: Iowa Freedom of Information Council P.O. Box 8002 Des Moines, IA 50301 (515) 745-0041