Poweshiek County Event Day 2012

Show off your communication, cooking, or fashion skills at Poweskiek County’s annual Event Day Saturday, June 23rd.  Event Day participants will check in at 8:30 am at the Grinnell Christian Church (1331 Hobart St).  All participants must be pre-registered for the event.  Event day will cover the following topic areas:

Click Here for more information on Poweshiek County’s 2012 Event Day. Once you are pre-registered specific event day information will be e-mailed to you.Communication (Click Here for more information)

                Educational Presentation - Will provide an opportunity for 4-Her's to demonstrate communication skills by presenting knowledge, information or a process to an audience in order to gain a desired response.

                Working Exhibit - Will provide an opportunity for 4-Her's to communicate, interact with and teach an audience in an informal and experiential way. Click here for Keys To Your 4H Working Exhibit.

                Extemporaneous Speech - Will encourage the development of communication skills by providing an opportunity to think, organize thoughts, prepare a speech and respond to questions when given a limited amount of preparation time.

                Share the Fun - Will provide an opportunity for 4-Her's to share their skills and talents before an audiance purely for the sake of enjoyment. Click here for a Share The Fun resource guide.

Clothing (Click Here for more information)

                Fashion Revue - Fashion revue is open to 4-H member who have constructed a garment.

                Clothing Selection - Clothing selection is open to any 4-H members.

                $15 Challenge - The $15 Challenge category is designed to expand the 4-H'ers shopping experience to different shopping venues.  Outfits must be purchase at a garage sale, consignment  store, Goodwill, Salvation Army or similar place (Hand-me-downs or clothing as gifts belong in clothing selection IF the 4-H'er actually selected the item(s).  Click here for more information.

Food Event (Click Here for more information)

                Food Challenge - Click here for more information.

                Table Setting Challenge - Click here for more information.

Other Resources

                Presentation Pointers

                SCORE With Your Posters

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