Poweshiek 4H Holds Annual Recognition Event

Brooklyn, Iowa;  On Sunday, November 4th, Poweshiek County 4-H recognized local 4-Hers for their past year of accomplishments and kicked off the next year .  The evening’s theme was “One Team, One Mission”. Staff from the Iowa 4H center led the attendees in get acquainted and team building activities.  Following a potluck meal the Maggie Zehr led the National Anthem. 

Poweshiek 2012/2013 County Council

The Ceremonies began with the induction of the 2012/2013 Poweshiek County Council.  Serving on the council this year will be Zach Osland, Grinnell senior and  a member of the Mighty Golden Clovers; Payton Martin, a junior and a member of the Grant Go Getters; Christian Graham, sophomore at Grinnell and a member of the Mighty Golden Clovers; Trevor Moyer, a Sophomore at Montezuma and a member of the Poweshiek Producers; Taylor Long, a junior at Grinnell and a member of the Mighty Golden Clovers; Bryce DeKoning, a sophomore and a member of the Grant Go Getters;  Ryn VanCleve, a sophomore at Grinnell and a member of the Washington Merry Workers;  Catelyn Graham, sophomore at Grinnell and a member of the Mighty Golden Clovers; Maggie Zehr, a junior at HLV and a member of the Warren Winners; Clayton Scurr, a Junior at Grinnell and a member of the Mighty Golden Clovers; Daniel McCammant,  a sophomore at Grinnell and a member of the Poweshiek Shooting Aces; Victoria Collins, senior at Grinnell and member of the Mighty Golden Clovers; Cassidy Ely, freshman at Montezuma and member of the Poweshiek Producers; Jack Worthington,  sophomore at BGM and a member of the Madison Moovers.  Also joining council this year will be Brielle Lang a member of the Madison Moovers and junior at BGM,

Lee McFee, representing the Poweshiek County Extension Council assisted in presenting awards and congratulating the recipients.  Receiving Awards of the Clover for years of service were Margi Constantino, Jerry Slaymaker, Lana Taylor, and Dennis Crawford, all with the Shooting Aces. 

Club Pride and Club Service Awards

Club Service and Club Pride awards were presented to the Poweshiek Pioneers, 4 Bar H Stock Club, Sugar Creek, Mighty Golden Clovers, Warren Winners, Deep River Helping Hands,  Sheridan, Grant Go Getters and the Shooting Aces.  The Club Service award recognizes clubs that participate in community service throughtout the year. As a grpup, Poweshiek County 4-H clubs reported having more than 24 service projects, with over 175 youth contributing more than 950 hours of service to our communities. Clubs receiving the Club Pride Award must have held at least 8 meetings in the year, held at least one educational activity at each meeting and 75% of their members had given an educational presentation or talk. They must have elected officers and completed at least one service project for the year.

Outstanding Record Keeping

Oustanding Recordkeeping Awards  are given to members whose record books are in the top percentage of those submitted.  They must have met stringent criteria.  Junior members receiving the Oustanding Record Book awards were Theresa Crawford, Mighty Golden Clovers; Tucker Foster, Sheridan; Carson Cheney, Warren Winners; Jarrett DeKoning, Grant Go Getters; Jesse Moyer, Poweshiek Producers; Emma Cheney, Warren Winners; Rebecca Crawford, Mighty Golden Clovers; Emma Harrington, Mighty Golden Clovers, Danica Nolton, Mighty Golden Clovers; Mikayla Henry, Deep River Helping Hands;  Alisha Ford, Mighty Golden Clovers; Noah Sebetka, Sheridan; and Cody Current, Grant Go Getters

Intermediate award winners included Sydney Steimel, Grant Go Getters; Dillon Brady, Deep River Helping Hands; Camiel Blomme, Warren Winners; Maria Peterson-Smith, Mighty Golden Clovers; Amanda Osland, Mighty Golden Clovers.   Seniors receiving Outstanding Record Keeping included Zach Osland, Mighty Golden Clovers; Bryce DeKoning, Grant Go Getters; Catelyn Graham, Mighty Golden Clovers; Payton Martin, Grant Go Getters.

Clover Kids

Clover Kids is a 4-H program for children in kindergarten through third grade. Members participate in hands-on activities designed to build lots of different life skills!  Certificates of Participaton  were awarded to first year Clover Kid Members:  Abby Cheney, Alexy Conover, Aliya James, Andrew DeKoning, Bryanna Timm, Carlie Tratchel, Charlotte Wipf, Chloe Mackey, Lauren Bolte, Macy Saunders, Madison Michael, Maxwell Mintle; Naomi Reilly-Mills, Owen Siek, Payton VanWyk, Rachelle Timm, Rylee Hall, Sydney Hatcher, Tanner Michael, Autumn Key, Josiah Key, Wyatt Robison, and Levi Brady

Receiving Gold Seals for their Clover Kid Certificates were:  2ndyear Clover Kid Members; Henry Peterson-Smith, Alex Cheney, Denali Conover, Emma Schafbuch, Jack Cheney, Jenna Fuchs, Jenna Tuttle, Kyle Dillon, L.J. Henkle, Miles Mintle, and Olivia Harrington. Receiving Seals for 3rdyear of membership in Clover Kids were; Kaitlyn Kriegel, Kylie Berry, Kylie Cline, Megan Mauss, Shaenna Lai,  and Blake Stevens. 

Year Member and Project Award Winners

Year member awards are presented to members who complete a record book and have records for at least one project area. Project Awards are presented to members who have documented goals, communication and citizenship in their selected project areas.

Receiving project and year member awards from the Deep River Helping Hands were Adam Cheney, Austin Henry, Dillon Brady, Jared Theis and Mikayla Henry. 

Recipients from the Grant Go Getters included Bryce DeKoning,  Chloe Current, Cody Current,  Jarrett DeKoning, Kaelin Martin, Payton Martin and Sydney Steimel. 

Members of the Mighty Golden Clovers receiving awards were: Alisha Ford, Amanda Osland, Catelyn Graham, Christian Graham, clayton Scurr, Dallas DeNeve, Danica Nolton, Emma Harrington, Jarren Ford, Maddy Bolte, Maria-Peterson Smith, Mary Blanchard, Melissa Krumm, Michelle Krumm, Parker Volkman, Rebecca Crawford, Robert Groves, Slaon Volkman, Taylor Long, Teirra Long, Theresa Crawford, and Victoria Collins

Alyssa James, Angel Haines, Blake McClenathan, Brady McClenathan, Derek Eveans, Cole Olson, Jesse Saland, Justin Ranfeld, Keegan James, Maisey Ranfeld, Nathan Hall, and Sterling Kriegel; members of the Poweshiek Pioneers also received project and year member awards.

Receiving awards from the Poweshiek Producers were Alex Ely, Cassidy Ely, Jesse Moyer and Trevor Moyer.

Sheridan recipients included Noah Sebetka, Tanner Foster, Tucker Foster and Wesley Sebetka.

Justin Slaymaker and Ashlyn Slaymaker of the Poweshiek Shooting Aces were award recipients.

And among the Warren Winners receiving award were Brandon Schafbuch, Camiel Blomme, Carson Cheney, Emma Cheney, Garner Lynn, Nate Van Buren, Payton Robison.

The Make a Difference Award is awarded to members nominated by their club.  The recipients have demonstrated strong character traits and leadership skills within their club and community.  Recipients this year included Brianna James and Jarren Ford.

Friend of 4-H

The Friend of 4H recognizes an organization or individual who has made a significant contribution to the Poweshiek County 4-H Program.  This year Deep River Helping Hands nominated Fremont Farms of Iowa.  Since its beginning in Malcom, Fremont Farms has been a consistent supporter of the Poweshiek 4H program. Many of our Poultry project members look forward to their presence at the Livestock auction.  According to the Deep River Helping Hands “We believe Fremont Farms should be this year’s Friend of 4H because they help and contribute to our fair by purchasing projects. It really helps kids with expenses and many 4Hers appreciate their generosity. “ Fremont Farms contributes not just to exhibitors, but also to the County 4H program, contributing to the County Council and supporting their activities.   They understand that a strong 4H program creates strong 4H members.

Senior Awards

The Merit Award award recognizes senior 4Hers who show growth through their 4H experiences in citizenship, community and club leadership at a local or club level.  Recipients of the Merit Award were Zach Osland, Victoria Collins, and Clayton Scurr.


The Achievement Award recognizes Senior 4-H’ers who show personal growth through participation in a variety of 4-H projects and activities.  The 2011 - 2012 recipients of the Achievement Award were

Bryce DeKoning, Zach Osland and Taylor Long. 

The Leadership Award recognizes senior 4-H’ers who show excellent leadership skills, demonstrated by leading others through club, county, and project activities.  The recipient of this year’s Leadership Award is Payton Martin.


The recipient of th “I Dare You Award” will receive a gold bar to put on their awards plaque, an “I Dare You” book, and a $200 scholarship to be awarded after their first semester of their  freshman year of college. This award is given by the Poweshiek Extension Council and the 4H County Council.

William F. Danforth, founder of Ralston Purina, wrote the book, “I Dare You” from his personal experience.  He challenged young people to their highest potential in service and good citizenship. 

The Danforth “I Dare You” award recognizes youth who have an in-depth knowledge of the 4-H program as evidenced by their service, leadership, and citizenship experiences.  It is to challenge them to develop their skills for future endeavors through life and most importantly service to others. Poweshiek County presents this to an individual who has completed 11thgrade. This year’s William F. Danforth “I Dare You” Scholarship recipients are Maisey Ranfeld and Zach Osland.


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