Iowa State Fair Results

2012 State Fair Results


Purple Res. Champion Jr. Showmanship: Cara Klyn, Grinnell, Light Horse Showmanship - Exhibitor grade 7She also received a red in Western Pleasure and a blue in Western Horsemanship. Reghan McNaul, Grinnell, Hunt Seat Equitation (Horse or Pony) - Exhibitor grades 7-9, Purple. She also received a blue in Hunter Under Saddle, and Purple in Western Pleasure and Western Horsemanship, and a white in trail.  


Cassie Corbin, Montezuma, White: Tomato, yellow slicing, Tomato, processing type. Red: Peppers, hot, jalapeño, Onions yellow, Potatoes white, Onions red.

Kaylene Corbin, Montezuma, Purple 2: Dill, Red: Tomato, cherry type red, Peppers hot jalapeño, Onions yellow, White: Potatoes white, Tomato yellow slicing, Onions red,

Kendra Cranston, Deep River, Purple 1: Beets, Tomato cocktail type other color, Herb Collection, Peppers, sweet banana yellow, Peppers sweet bell green, Peppers hot Cayenne, Basil, Peppers hot any other variety,

Purple 2:Beets, Parsley, Tomato cocktail type other color, Peppers sweet banana yellow, Sweet Corn, Peppers hot new Mexican,

Purple: Peppers hot jalapeño (2), Peppers hot new Mexican, Peppers hot any other variety,

Blue 1:Beans yellow wax, Squash summer scallop or patty pan, Peppers sweet any other variety, Onions other,

Blue 2: Squash summer scallop or patty pan, Squash winter any other variety, Peppers sweet bell any other, Onions other,

Blue:Eggplant standard or traditional, Beans Snap, Carrots, Tomato cherry type other color, Tomato cocktail type red (2), Tomato processing type, Squash winter acorn green (2), Squash winter acorn all other colors (2), Any other individual herb, Potatoes yellow/gold, any other kind of vegetable, Onions red, Kohlrabi,

Red: Beans Snap, Parsley, Tomato yellow slicing, Tomato cherry type, red, Tomato processing type, Tomato other, Squash summer any other variety, any other individual herb, Sweet Corn, Peppers hot Cayenne, any other kind of vegetable, Onions yellow, Onions red,

White:Tomato cherry type, red, Tomato cherry type other color, Onions yellow, Onions white (2).

Jared Theis, Montezuma, Purple 1: Dill, Blue: Onions yellow, Onions red,Red: Tomato cherry type red, Peppers hot jalapeño (2), Gourds small ornamentals mixed,Gourds small ornamentals,Pumpkin miniature,White: Tomato processing type, Onions yellow, Potatoes white, Kohlrabi.

Indoor Exhibits

4H’ers receiving blues with their indoor exhibits included: Hailey Anderson, Adam Cheney, McKinley Conover (3), Bryce DeKoning, Alisha Ford, Catelyn Graham, Emma Harrington, Haley Hood, Alyssa James, Joseph Kacmarynski, Kaleb King, Brielle Lang (2), Katherine Leathem-Rietz, Maile Leathem-Rietz, Taylor Long (2), Kaelin Martin, Taylor McDaniel, Jestene Moyer, Trevor Moyer, Jonathan Mullen, Danica Nolton, Alex Sieck, Jack Smith (2),

Red: Dillon Brady, Emma Crawford, Bryce DeKoning, Tyler Foubert, Austin Henry, Haley Hood (2), Joseph Kacmarynski, Brielle Lang, Felicity Meads, Amanda Osland, Zach Osland, Maria Peterson-Smith, Payton Robison, Libbie Vos,

White:  Anna Mallory,


Medal Winners, considered for 4-H Gallery Award, Sponsored by: Professional Photographers of Iowa:  Adam Cheney, Deep River. 

Market Sheep:

Brooke Kuesel, Victor, Purple Res. Champion Division 4; Reserve Grand Champion, Purple Res. Champion Division 5; 2nd Honorable Mention,  and also a purple. Blue: Maison Tolle, Guernsey, Brianna James, Searsboro (2), Caleb James, Searsboro (3), Corbin James, Searsboro (2).

 Perfromance Lamb Live:

Division 1, Purple: Maison Tolle, Guernsey, Blue: Caleb James, Brianna James, Searsboro, , Division 2, Red: Corbin James, Searsboro, Division 3, Purple: Brooke Kuesel, Victor.  Sheep Showmanship, Intermediate: Purple: Maison Tolle.

Breeding Sheep:

Black Face Commercial Ewe, Division 2, Blue: Lysandra James, Searsboro, Maison Tolle, Guernsey, Black Face Commercial Ewe, Division 3, Purple: Maison Tolle, Guernsey, Blue: Brianna James, Searsboro.

Beef Breeding:

Red Angus, Camiel Blomme, Brooklyn, Purple Res.Champion Red Angus Heifer

Market Beef :

Market Heifers, Purple: Kaity Berry, Brooklyn, Kole, Berry, Brooklyn, Braxton Fisk, Montezuma, Blake Kuesel, Victor, Brooke Kuesel, Victor, Crossbred Market Steers, Purple: Kirk Berry, Brooklyn, Red: Karah Hansen, Monezuma.

 Beef of Merit Live:

Window A – High Cutability Grid Market, Blue: Cole Olson, Brooklyn.

Beef Showmanship:

Kaity Berry, Brooklyn, Beef Showmanship Gr. 5-6, Blue

Kirk Berry, Brooklyn, Beef Showmanship Gr. 9-10, Blue

Kole Berry, Brooklyn, Beef Showmanship Gr. 7-8, Blue

Cole Olson, Brooklyn, Beef Showmanship Gr. 9-10, Red

Breeding Swine:

Commercial Gilts, Blue: Wyatt Dillon, Malcom (2), Emily Fenner, Grinnell, Brianna James, Searsboro (2), Caleb James, Searsboro (2), Corbin James, Searsboro (2), Lysandra James, Searsboro, Rylan James, Searsboro, Tyler Swenson, Montezuma, Spotted Gilts, Purple: Tyler Swenson, Montesuma. 

DerbySwine (Live):

Crossbred Derby Barrows, Light weight, Blue: Emily Fenner, Grinnell, Red: Wyatt Dillon, Malcom, Medium weight, Blue:Payton Robison, Hartwick, Caleb James, Searsboro, Red: Spencer Mauss, Grinnell, Heavy Weight, Red: Corbin James, Searsboro,Duroc Derby,Blue: Tyler Swenson, Montezuma, Other Breeds Derby, Blue: Emily Fenner, Grinnell.

Market Swine:

Lt. Wt. Market Barrows, Purple: Wyatt Dillon, Malcom, Blue: Wyatt Dillon, Malcom, Corbin James, Searsboro, Payton Robison, Hartwick. Med.Wt. Market Barrows, Blue: Tyler Swenson, Montezuma, Spencer Mauss, Grinnell, Emily Fenner, Grinnell. Heavy Wt. Market Barrows, Blue: Emily Fenner, Grinnell, Caleb James, Searsboro. Med. Wt. Market Gilts, Purple: Tyler Swenson, Montezuma. Yorkshire Market Hogs, Blue: Emily Fenner. Chester White Hogs, Blue: Payton Robison, Hartwick

Swine Showmanship:

Emily Fenner, Grinnell, Swine Showmanship Gr. 7-8, Blue

Payton Robison, Hartwick, Swine Showmanship Gr. 7-8, Blue

Tyler Swenson, Montezuma, Swine Showmanship Gr. 9-12,Blue

Meat Goats Wethers:

Division 1, Blue: Garner Lynn, Hartwick (2), Division 3, Purple: Clayton Scurr,Grinnell Blue: Clayton Scurr, Grinnell, Erin Patterson, Grinnell.

Meat Goat Does:

Jr. Does born in January 2012, Blue: Garner Lynn, Hartwick, Erin Patterson, Gilman, Clayton Scurr, Grinnell.  Int. Does born February –March 2011, Blue: Garner Lynn, Hartwick, Jr. Does born August –November 2011, Blue: Erin Patterson, Gilman, Int. Does born August 2010 –January 2011, Blue: Clayton Scurr, Grinnell.

Meat Goat Showmanship:

Garner Lynn, Hartwick, Meat Goat Showmanship Gr.7-8, Purple


Sub Novice, Purple Res High-Scoring Sub Novice: Channing Roorda, Searsboro, Intermediate Handling, Group 3, Purple: Channing Roorda, Searsboro.


Senior Buck Fancy, Purple: Joshua Burns, Grinnell (2) with Best Opposite Sex of Variety, Blue: Joseph Kacmarynski, Newton, Alyssa King, Guernsey with Best of Variety and Best of Breed, Brianna King, Guernsey (3) with Best of  Opposite Sex of Variety (2), Jack Smith, Brooklyn, Senior Doe Fancy,Purple: Joshua Burns, Grinnell (2), Blue: Joseph Kacmarynski, Newton with Best of Breed, Alyssa King, Guernsey (3), Junior Doe Fancy, Purple: Joshua Burns, Grinnell.Austin Henry.

Communications :

Educational PresentationsRebecca Crawford, Excellence; Sloan Volkman,  Recognition; Austin HenryExcellence; Alisha Ford, Recognition; Working Exhibit, Alex Wirth, Angel Haines, Recognition; Share the Fun Maggie Zehr, Danica Nolton, Wyatt Dillon, Participation; Extemporaneous Speaking; Trevor Moyer, Recognition

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