How to get started on a 4H Recordkeeping System

Gather Materials & Decide on a system
Once you have decided what projects you are going to complete , then determine which type of RecordKeeping System you are going to do:
Portfolio RecordKeeping, Video or Cassette RecordKeeping.


You should have received the necessary forms and guideline from your leader.  You may need to get or copy extras if you have several projects.  There is a link to most Recordkeeping forms available online.

Time to get started...
Complete Yearly Summary and needed project reports for each project.  Include market or breeding worksheets for animals which includes financial records.  If using the portfolio method chose a three ring binder, notebook or recordkeeping book from the 4H Mall. 

Remember to start early, even as you start you projects!  You can fill in worksheets as you go.   Remember that neatness and organization counts. 

If you have questions give us a call at the Extension Office, we'd be glad to make an appointment and set down with you.

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