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Below, you can find descriptions of the challenges you can participate in at Event Day.  The entry form can be found at  

Event Day - Enter by June 5 (Click here for the Event Day Registration)
4-H’er will select and/or purchase an outfit based on a specific goal they have set for themselves. The judge will be looking at the outfit to see how well it meets its intended  purpose, how well all the pieces go together, and how much the 4-H’er learned throughout the process. 

Show off your talents at Poweshiek County’s 4-H Event Day! 
4-H’er will model a garment or outfit they have constructed, hand-knitted, machine-sewn or crocheted during the current 4-H  
year. They will be judged on craftsmanship and knowledge level.  

Clothing Selection
Fashion  Review
$15 Challenge
Outfit must be purchased at a garage sale, consignment store, or resale shop such as Goodwill or Salvation Army. Hand-me downs or clothing as gifts that were selected by the
4-H’er belong in Clothing Selection. The cost of the outfit must be $15 or less, not including shoes, accessories or undergarments. All receipts must be turned in with the Clothing Event Form.  
Informative presentation or how to demonstration—Share what you have learned in a project area through a presentation such as “Fruit Pizza Creation,” “The Basics of Dog Washing,” “Head Ache Home Remedies” or “Practices to Project our Environment.”  

Hands on activity  engaging the audience to learn a new skill—Get the audience to participate in your particular activity such  as Making Corsages, Make a Calf Halter, or Cleaning Pennies with Vinegar.  

Educational Presentations
Working Exhibits
Extemporaneous Speaking
Share the Fun

Write a speech on the spot—You draw 3 4-H related topics and select one that you would like to prepare a speech about in 30 minutes. This is open to anyone at the county level but only Senior 4-H’ers may go on to the State Fair.  
Show off your talent—This is a showcase of 4-H’ers abilities whether it be singing, doing magic, playing an instrument or telling jokes.  
4-H’ers select a food item(s) that they have learned to prepare in the past year. They have 30 minutes to prepare it from beginning to end in front of a judge.  

The judge will be considering proper food preparation techniques, safe food handling, 4-H’er skill level and the quality of the final product.

4-H’ers may work alone or in a team to create a themed table setting. The setting should include a menu (no actual food), proper table service and  
glassware as well as themed decorations. You are encouraged to dress in accordance with your theme.

Three themed 4-H camps
Campers will live in a camp community for five days and four nights, enjoy traditional camp favorites like swimming, canoeing, hiking, climbing and campfires, visit ISU facilities  
Where: Iowa 4-H Center in Madrid
Who: 5th-8th graders
Cost: $350 for 4-H members or $380 for non 4-H members
Includes all meals, lodging, and special programming costs.  
Register Here:

Camp Themes
State 4-H “...And My World”- Campers will choose a specialized educational track to learn about other cultures, develop nutrition knowledge and culinary skills, or strengthen their leadership skills — June 21-25
State 4-H Science Explorers 1: Campers will explore science and technology, nature or plant science and agriculture—July 5-9
State 4-H Science Explorers 2: Clampers will explore science and technology, animal and veterinary science, or plant science and agriculture—July 12-16

2015 State 4-H Camps
The Extension Office would like to create a Farm Safety Display and Presentation with YOUR help! We are looking for  a dedicated group of 7th-12th grade youth who enjoy woodworking, visual arts, farming or communications. This group will have the opportunity to create a farm scene on a plywood base and then come up with a presentation to accompany this display that can be presented throughout area schools. Upon completion, this project could be turned into a fair exhibit! If this is something you may be interested in, contact the Extension Office at 641.623.5188 or email Lauren Haglund at

Farm Safety Display Workshops
This is a great learning opportunity for all youth.  Sign up today!
When: June 30-July 2
Where: ISU Campus—Ames
Who: All 8th-12th graders (including non 4-H’ers)  
Cost: $175 if done before June 1
Partial scholarship is available  - contact the Extension Office for more information
Registration is now live!  Find the link to register here:
Please contact the Extension Office at 641.623.5188 if you would like more information.  

State 4-H Youth Conference  
Pre Fair Orientation  
Are you confused about anything fair related? Would you like some help preparing your exhibit writes ups? If so, consider attending this workshop hosted by the County Council!  
The event will be held on June 28 from 2-3:30 pm at the Poweshiek County Fairgrounds. Check next month’s newsletter for more information!  


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