Emergency Grazing of CRP Acres - Effective 7/25/12

Poweshiek County has JUST been approved for Emergency Grazing effective TODAY July 25th, 2012 due to extreme drought conditions. Emergency Haying is effective August 2, 2012. The entire state of Iowa has now been released for Emergency Haying/Grazing of CRP Effective August 2. Benton, Iowa, Marshall, and Tama Counties were also approved for Emergency Grazing as of today. There is paperwork to complete at the FSA office before any haying and grazing can be done. Livestock must be off by September 30, 2012. One cutting of Hay may be made - no later than August 31 and bales removed by then. The cost for Emergency Hay/Grazing is 10% of the CRP Rental rate times the acres. Emergency Hay/Grazing provisions are more restrictive than Managed. The program is available on most General practices and can be conducted on acres that were hayed or grazed the previous year. CP8A Waterways and CP21 Filter-strips are NOT eligible under this emergency. If haying, producers may only hay 50% of the eligible acres in each field. The owner has the right to rent or lease the grazing privilege to an eligible livestock producer but at no rate greater than the 10% reduction cost (AS OF TODAY). Rules regarding this emergency release change daily. We will keep you posted with updates. We will not be signing producers up for Emergency Haying until August 2. All participants on the CRP contract AND the person making the hay/grazing MUST sign the paperwork before the CRP can be approved for release.

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