Crop Marketing, Insurance and Weather


Presentations are in Macromedia (Adobe) Breeze format.  Works in any Web browser that supports Flash Media (for example, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari). 
While the presentation is running, there is a menu bar under the slide area.  Use these buttons to start or stop the presentation.  The slider bar may be used to replay portions, or you can click on a slide name or number to replay or restart in a particular area. The paperclip button may include printable companion materials.  The camera button maximizes the slide display. 

Elwynn Taylor - Crop Weather Risks and Reality - 2007 & Beyond

Steve Johnson - Making Crop Marketing & Insurance Decisions, March 2007  (Companion printouts available by clicking on the paperclip button)


Other Presentations

Leaders Discuss Iowa's Roll in Bioeconomy November 28, 2006
Video of the Town Hall Meeting on Biorenewable Resources October 24, 2006
Ag & Natural Resources Lunch & Learn October 27, 2006
Perspectives on Present and Future Corn-Based Ethanol Industry - Slides and papers from November 13, 2006 webcast in PDF format.  Adobe Acrobat Reader required to view - no video or audio. 


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