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Opportunity for Club Treasurer Reports Reviewed from the 2013-2014 year
As a reminder to all clubs, please take the opportunity to have your club’s treasurer end of the year report for 2013‐2014 to be reviewed. We have had two clubs take advantage of being reviewed this year. It is a great way to get financial feedback of what you are doing great and what you may want to tweak for the next year. We know that the 2014‐2015 year has been started but your reports from the 2013‐2014 year can still be reviewed.

County    Council - Join Us!
Poweshiek County Council is looking for motivated 9th‐12th graders to join their team in making the best better throughout our county. Are you passionate about helping youth learn exciting new skills, developing programs that showcase the talent Poweshiek 4‐Her’s have, or finding new and unique ways to have fun? If so, please consider being a part of this group.

The County Council helps plan many programs throughout the year including Officer Training, Awards Day, the Fun Run at the fair, Sundaes at the Fair, and the tractor pull at the fair! If you are interested in becoming a part of this group, please contact the Extension Office at (641)623‐5188.


4-H Club Guide

Tips for Conducting Club Meetings: This publication focuses on meeting structure, engaging youth, fun activities to try with your club, the roles of officers, setting boundaries for youth and how to use positive discipline. (PDF)

Club Officer Resources:

Vibrant 4-H Clubs: This brochure covers 4-H club best practices, 4-H resources, and group decision making methods. (PDF)
Pre-meeting Activities: This document contains a list of activities you can try when working with youth to keep them engaged and to promote a sense of belonging and inclusiveness in the club. (PDF)

Club Awards

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