Clover Kids

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We will be kicking off our after school clover kids programs in October.
* Grinnell 7th from 3:30-5 at Bailey School
* Brooklyn 15th from 2:30-4 at BGM school
* Montezuma 16th from 3:30-5 at Community Hope Church
HLV currently has 3 signed up for Clover Kids. We need 10 kids enrolled to promote this program in HLV so recruit! For more information on enrollment please call the Poweshiek Extension Office at 641-623-5188 or email .
We would like to announce the first place winner for the CY coloring contest goes to Clair Erselius! The 2013 Montezuma Clover Kids received a CY coloring sheet when the RVTV was in Montezuma for the Iowa vs. Iowa State football game. Thank you to those that participated.


Enrollment Instructions and Link



State Clover Kids Website



Clover Kid's Fair Goal Forms

Project Goal Form
Bottle Project Goal Form
Pet Goal Card
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