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County Fair Entry Forms are Due June 15
If you plan to show any of the species below, you must enter your animal by June 15th!

One entry form is required for each species a 4-h'er plans to bring to the County Fair!  Entry forms must be accompanied by a Livestock Verification Form (one per exhibitor).
Entry Fees· $1 per entry per class (for all species) - Excluding Clover Kids
· Check the Fairbook to find the number of the class you are entering
· Maximum of $15 in Entry Fees per exhibitor (includes livestock, indoor exhibits and Event Day entry fees)
Entry forms and the livestock verification form can be downloaded here  These forms and the entry fees must be sent to the Poweshiek County Fair Office (PO Box 372, Grinnell, 50112)

State Fair Entry Forms are Due July 1

State Fair Livestock and Horticulture entries will be made online this year through the FairEntry program. To make your entries, visit the following site:
You will login in with your 4honline family email and password. You can find a help sheet about how to complete this process here:


If you plan to show any of the following species at the County Fair, you must be FSQA certified:
Beef, dairy, meat goat, poultry, rabbit, sheep, swine.  The last FSQA training session will be held at the Grinnell Fairgrounds in the Exhibits Building on June 8th from 9-11 am. This training is for all age levels. Please register for this training by calling 641.623.5188.

Bucket Bottle Calf Show Time Change

The time and date of this year’s Bucket Bottle Calf Show has been changed to Thursday, July 16th beginning at 1 pm. This will include both the 4-H and Clover Kids Shows.
The interview portion of the 4-H Bucket Bottle Calf Division will remain the same: Saturday, July 11 at 9 am.

Livestock Skill-A-Thon

What: Livestock Judging Contest and Skill-A-Thon
When: Thursday of Fair (July 18th)
    Sign Up at 10am
Where: Fairgrounds Show Arena
Who: All ages—All teams must have at least one Junior 4-H’er (4-6 grader) and one Senior 4-H’er (9-12 grader)

Record Keeping Forms

General Record Keeping Forms
Beef, Meat Goat, Sheep, Swine


Horse & Pony
  • See general forms above
Other Forms
Record Keeping Evaluation Forms
Record Keeping Tips:

As you work on your record books, particularly your project sheets, you need to keep in mind the difference between a project and an exhibit. You enroll in Project areas – Sewing and Needlecrafts, Beef, Dog, Visual Arts, Photography…… What you take to fair is an exhibit – an outgrowth of what you have learned in your project area.
Projects—A 4H project is an area of emphasis in which a 4H’er enrolls, studies, learns and keeps records. The 4-H 200 lists 34 different Project areas. Find them listed here in the 4H 200 publication
Exhibits—A 4H exhibit is an item resulting from project work that 4H’er has chosen to bring to the fair and have evaluated by a judge.
A project record sheet should cover :
A: What you learned– was it measuring ingredients, how to run the blender, how to use the arc welder, planning a nutritious meal, fitting a calf, comparison shopping, how to shoot a bow, tracking wildlife, programming a robot…
B: The exhibit or exhibits you took to fair —IF you took anything—you may not have or you may have taken 3 things in that project area. For example—you exhibited brownies, a pie and a poster with cost comparison. You do not complete a project sheet for each fair exhibit.


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