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County Fair Livestock Requirements

After identifying your animals you will need to  confirm how many of them you plan to bring to the County Fair.  
Poweshiek County Fair entries are due June 15!  Entry forms can be downloaded here Fill out the form(s) and return it/them to the Poweshiek County Fair office  (not the Extension Office) in Grinnell with the fair entry fee.  

Entry Fees
$1 per entry per class (for all species)
$5 late fee per division entered (accepted until July 1)
 Bottle Calf and Beef: $10 bedding fee per head
IDS are due May 15

If you plan to show any of the species below, you must ID your animal on 4honline by May 15!

You Need to ID Breeding Beef  
Market and Production Beef should have been weighed in and IDed on 4honline at that time.

Pick up your swine ear tags and an ID Form at the Extension Office then return it to the office to be entered into 4honline. You then must verify the information we put in by May 15. 

You Need to ID Purebred Ewes.
Market  Lambs and Commercial Ewes should be weighed in on May 2 and will be IDed on 4honline by the Extension Office. This information must be verified by the 4-H member on 4honline by May 15.  

You Need to ID Breeding Does  
Market  Wethers and Does should be weighed in on May 2 and will be IDed on 4honline by the Extension Office. This information  must be verified by the 4-H member on 4honline by May 15.

Bucket Bottle Calves, Dairy Cows, Dairy Goats, Horses and Dogs must be identified on 4honline by May 15.

For complete instructions on how to ID your animals, visit this site Use the document titled “Animal ID on-line.”  

Entries are due June 15

If you plan to show any of the following species at the County Fair, you must be FSQA certified:. Beef, dairy, meat goat, poultry, rabbit, sheep, swine
How do you become certified?  
. 4-H’ers grades 4-6: Must attend a certification training every year (this year’s options shown to the right)
. 4-H’ers grades 7-9: May choose to either attend a training (shown to the right) each year or take a test which will certify them until they reach 10th grade
. 4-H’ers grades 10-12: May choose to either attend a training (shown to the right) each year or take a test to be certified until they reach 20 years of age

Each 4-H’er must be certified by June 18th for County Fair and July 1st for the State Fair. The last training session will be held at the Grinnell Fairgrounds in the Exhibits Building on June 8th from 9-11 am. This training is for all age levels.  
Contact the Extension Office to register for this training session. If you would like to test, you can do so at the end of each training. To pass the test, you must answer at least 70% of the questions correctly. You are able to take the test three times.

You Need to ID the Following Animals….
What: 4-H and Clover Kids Awesome Art Workshop
Who: Any Kindergarten-12th grader (will be split into two different groups based on age)  
When: Saturday, May 23 9-11 am
Where: Grinnell Area Arts Council
 926 Broad St. Grinnell
Cost: $5 registration fee to cover program supplies and a snack

This one day workshop will take students on an exploration into the ancient art of paper marbling! While participating in this workshop, youth will have the opportunity to create their own amazing marbled papers and learn more information about 4-H, Clover Kids and the Grinnell Area Arts Council programs. Their unique creation would make a great exhibit for the Poweshiek County Fair! 
Registration will be done at the door.

Animal Project Opportunities
When: Beginning May 7th  
Classes will be held weekly on Thursdays  
 Obedience: 5:30-6:30 pm
 Rally: 6:30-7:30 pm

Who: All 4th-12th graders
Cost: $60 for one class
          $90 for both classes  

Dog Obedience and Rally Classes
June 3
8 am-3:30 pm
Poweshiek County Fairgrounds
425 E. St. S.—Grinnell, IA
Lunch Provided

Show Cattle Fitting Clinic
Learn Cattle Fitting Techniques from an Expert!
This observation clinic will allow you to learn proven techniques and tips on clipping, hoof trimming, show day dressing, showmanship, feeding and general care.  
Register by May 25 by calling the Extension Office: 641.623.5188.  
Contact Anita Ford at or by phone at 641.990.3148 if you are interested in signing up for dog obedience classes, rally classes, or dog agility work nights.

Work nights will be held weekly on Wednesdays from 7-8 pm. These will begin on May 6th .   
There is no cost to attend.  

Dog Agility Work Nights

When: June 13 beginning at 8:30 am
 Entries due by June 5
Who: All Clover Kids and 4-H’ers  
Where: United Methodist Church in Grinnell
These are going to be work nights only.  
You must have participated in dog obedience classes to attend these work nights. 

Record Keeping Forms

General Record Keeping Forms
Beef, Meat Goat, Sheep, Swine


Horse & Pony
  • See general forms above
Other Forms
Record Keeping Evaluation Forms
Record Keeping Tips:

As you work on your record books, particularly your project sheets, you need to keep in mind the difference between a project and an exhibit. You enroll in Project areas – Sewing and Needlecrafts, Beef, Dog, Visual Arts, Photography…… What you take to fair is an exhibit – an outgrowth of what you have learned in your project area.
Projects—A 4H project is an area of emphasis in which a 4H’er enrolls, studies, learns and keeps records. The 4-H 200 lists 34 different Project areas. Find them listed here in the 4H 200 publication
Exhibits—A 4H exhibit is an item resulting from project work that 4H’er has chosen to bring to the fair and have evaluated by a judge.
A project record sheet should cover :
A: What you learned– was it measuring ingredients, how to run the blender, how to use the arc welder, planning a nutritious meal, fitting a calf, comparison shopping, how to shoot a bow, tracking wildlife, programming a robot…
B: The exhibit or exhibits you took to fair —IF you took anything—you may not have or you may have taken 3 things in that project area. For example—you exhibited brownies, a pie and a poster with cost comparison. You do not complete a project sheet for each fair exhibit.


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