Animal Projects

Upcoming Events and Information

If you plan to show any of the following species at the County Fair, you must be FSQA certified:
*     Beef, dairy, meat goat, poultry, rabbit, sheep, swine

How do you become certified?
*     4-H’ers grades 4-6: Must attend a certification training every year (this year’s options shown to the right)
*     4-H’ers grades 7-9: May choose to either attend a training (shown to the right) each year or take a test which will certify them until they reach 10th grade
*     4-H’ers grades 10-12: May choose to either attend a training (shown to the right) each year or take a test to be certified until they reach 20 years of age

Each 4-H’er must be certified by June 18th for County Fair and July 1st for the State Fair. Training sessions will be held at the following dates, locations and times in Poweshiek County:

*     Montezuma School FFA Room—April 14th from 7-9 pm
*     Grinnell Fairgrounds—June 8th from 9-11 am

Each training listed above is for all age levels. Contact the Extension Office to register. If you would like to test, you can do so at the end of each training session. To pass the test, you must answer at least 70% of the questions correctly. You are able to take the test three times.


When: April 25th from 9-10:30 am
Where: Poweshiek County Fairgrounds
Why: Due to health concerns, there will be no
identification site for swine again this year. Youth will be required to tag their own animals and bring their identification forms to the Extension Office.

What will participants do at this workshop?
*     Receive 4-H ear tags
*     Learn how to ear notch
*     Learn about proper swine nutrition
If you are unable to attend this workshop to pick up your tags please contact the Extension Office as soon as possible.

When: May 2nd from 8-11 am.
Where: Poweshiek County Fairgrounds Who: All meat goats (market wethers and breeding does) and sheep (market, commercial and purebred breeding) being brought to the County and/or State Fair must attend
A birthdate will be required on all ewes and  yearling ewes for County Fair.
Retinal images will be taken on all State Fair meat goats and sheep.

Johnson County Classic—Open Beef Show
What: Johnson County Classic—Iowa Junior Beef Breeds
Association Show
When: April 26th
Check-In: 8-9:30 am
Show Time: 11 am
Where: Johnson County Fairgrounds
Who: Open to all individuals under the age of 21 (do not need
to be a member of 4-H or IJBBA)

Cost: $35 per head
$30 if registered by April 10th

Health papers are required of all animals.

To register, contact Camie Marshek at or by phone at 319.337.2145.

Animal  Project Opportunities

What: Free Poultry Workshop When: April 8th from 5:30-6:30 pm Where: Theisen’s in Grinnell
208 West Street South
Who: The whole family (all knowledge levels are welcome)

What could I do here?
*     Get started with chickens
*     Learn about proper summer care for chickens
*     Question and Answer session

Refreshments and door prizes will be given away

Dog Obedience and Rally Classes
When: Beginning May 7th
*     Classes will be held weekly on Thursdays until July 9th
*     Obedience: 5:30-6:30 pm
*     Rally: 6:30-7:30 pm

Who: All 4th-12th graders

Cost: $60 for one class
$90 for both classes

Free Wether Offered
What is rally?
Rally is a fun team sport for dogs and their handlers. Dog and handler teams navigate a course with numbered signs. Handlers can talk to their dogs and will do a variety of exercise.

Contact Anita Ford if you are interested in signing up for either or both of these classes at or by phone at

4-H and FFA members who attend the Tall Corn Meat Goat Sale will be eligible to win a meat goat club wether given away by the association. The sale will be held at the Kalona Sale Barn, Kalona, Iowa on April 18th, 2015 beginning at 9:00 a.m.  The wether will be eligible to compete in the Tall Corn Meat Goat Futurity and open show in Washington, Iowa in August.

Only this wether or wethers purchased at this sale are eligible to compete in the jackpot wether class for the
$3000 in prize money. There will also be replacement does selling at the sale after the wethers. The catalog will be on line at  http: / /www.boe rgo  when finalized. For more information contact Vern Thorp at

Meat and Boer Goat Extravaganza
Poweshiek County Extension is excited to sponsor the
2015 Meat & Boer Goat Extravaganza hosted by the Tall Corn Meat Goat Wether Association on May 16, 2015 at the Washington Co. Extension Office in Washington, IA. This is a daylong educational event for youth and adults with special considerations for 4H and FFA
members. This year’s clinic will feature Dr. Lisa King, DVM who will discuss health care. Each participant will receive a thermometer.

B & B Show Stock from Indiana will be there to demonstrate fitting techniques and basic showing principles. A “goat” lunch will be included in the price of admission and special prices are offered to 4H/FFA youth.

For registration information visit this website:
 http: / /m eatgo atw / new/ index .php/ ev ents

Record Keeping Forms

General Record Keeping Forms
Beef, Meat Goat, Sheep, Swine


Horse & Pony
  • See general forms above
Other Forms
Record Keeping Evaluation Forms
Record Keeping Tips:

As you work on your record books, particularly your project sheets, you need to keep in mind the difference between a project and an exhibit. You enroll in Project areas – Sewing and Needlecrafts, Beef, Dog, Visual Arts, Photography…… What you take to fair is an exhibit – an outgrowth of what you have learned in your project area.
Projects—A 4H project is an area of emphasis in which a 4H’er enrolls, studies, learns and keeps records. The 4-H 200 lists 34 different Project areas. Find them listed here in the 4H 200 publication
Exhibits—A 4H exhibit is an item resulting from project work that 4H’er has chosen to bring to the fair and have evaluated by a judge.
A project record sheet should cover :
A: What you learned– was it measuring ingredients, how to run the blender, how to use the arc welder, planning a nutritious meal, fitting a calf, comparison shopping, how to shoot a bow, tracking wildlife, programming a robot…
B: The exhibit or exhibits you took to fair —IF you took anything—you may not have or you may have taken 3 things in that project area. For example—you exhibited brownies, a pie and a poster with cost comparison. You do not complete a project sheet for each fair exhibit.


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