2014 State Fair Results

2014 State Fair Results
Horses:Kaity Berry, Brooklyn, Red: Barrels and Ranch Horse Western Pleasure, Exhibitor grade 7-8, White: Pole Bending, Flags and Trail.
Sheep: Market Lambs Purple:Brooke Kuesel (5), Victor, Res. Champion Division 2, Fifth Overall, Res. Champion Division 5; Third Overall.  Blue: Lysandra James (2) and Rylan James, Searsboro.  Haley Breeden and Ty Breeden, Grinnell. Breeding Sheep: Commercial Ewe: Blue: Haley Breeden and Ty Breeden (2).
Swine: Showmanship: Blue: Gr. 5-6, Kyle Dillon, Malcom. Gr. 7-8, Wyatt Dillon, Malcom, and Spencer Mauss, Grinnell. Market Swine: Blue: Case Fenner, Duroc Market Hogs; Emily Fenner, Med. Wt. Market Gilts, Med. Wt. Market Barrows; Caleb James, Lt. Wt. Market Gilts; Corbin James, Med. Wt. Market Barrows, Lt. Wt. Market Gilts; Lysandra James, Med. Wt. Market Gilts; Rylan James, Med. Wt. Market Barrows; Spencer Mauss, Lt. Wt. Market Barrows, Yorkshire Market Hogs. Breeding Swine: Blue: Duroc Gilt: Kyle Dillon; Commercial Gilts: Kyle Dillon (2), Wyatt Dillon, Caleb James, Corbin James, Lysandra James (2), Rylan James (2), Megan Mauss, (3), Spencer Mauss (2); Yorkshire Gilts: Spencer Mauss.
Horticulture: Purple: Kaylene Corbin, carrots, cherry tomatoes, dill; Rebecca Crawford, snap beans, summer squash, winter squash; Theresa Crawford, cherry tomato, beets: Dallas DeNeve, beets, winter squash, first year exhibitor vegetable platter; Jared Theis, dill, cherry tomato, winter squash. Blue: Kaylene Corbin, Peppers, Carrots, banana peppers (2), Jalapeno Peppers; Rebecca Crawford, Onions (dry), white, Onions (dry), yellow, Tomato grape; Theresa Crawford, Beans, red Cabbage, Jalapeno Peppers, cherry Tomato, summer Squash, acorn Squash; Dallas DeNeve, Beans (2), Onions (dry), white, Banana Peppers, Cucumbers; Jared Theis, yellow Onions (dry), cherry Tomato, Serrano Peppers (2), Pumpkin,.Red: Kaylene Corbin, Jalapeno, Pumpkin; Rebecca Crawford, Eggplant, Peppers banana, red Cabbage, Jalapeno peppers; Theresa Crawford, Onions (dry), white, Onions (dry), yellow,  carrots, eggplant; flat cabbage; Dallas DeNeve, red Cabbage, flat Cabbage, Jalapeno Peppers; Jared Theis, Potatoes (2), Zucchini, Pumpkin (3).  White: Jared Theis, yellow Onions (dry).
Breeding Beef: Purple: Camiel Blomme, Brooklyn, Other Breeds; Karah Hansen, Montezuma, Commercial Heifers. Market Beef: Purple: Kirk Berry, Brooklyn, Shorthorn Plus Steer; Kole Berry and Bryant Sutfin, Montezuma, Crossbred Steer; Blue: Karah Hansen, Montezuma, and Mick Hoffstetter (2), Grinnell, Crossbred Steers.
Meat Goat Showmanship: Purple Res. Champion Gr. 7-8: Erin Patterson, Gilman; Purple Res. Champion Sr.: Clayton Scurr, Grinnell. Meat Goat Market: Purple: Blake Kuesel, Victor, Blue: Garner Lynn, Hartwick, Erin Patterson, Gilman.
Meat Goats Breeding:  Purple: Erin Patterson, Gilman, Blue: Erin Patterson, Gilman, Clayton Scurr, Grinnell.
Rabbits: Purple: Tucker Foster, Malcom, Junior Doe Commercial Blue: Tanner Foster, Malcom, Senior Doe Fancy, Junior Doe Fancy, Rabbit Roaster, Tucker Foster, Malcom, Junior Doe Fancy, Alyssa King, Guernsey, Senior Buck Fancy, Senior Doe Fancy, Brianna King, Guernsey, Senior Buck Fancy (Best of Variety and Best Opposite Sex of Variety), Junior Buck Fancy, Kaleb King, Guernsey, Senior Buck Fancy, Gavin Tindle, Montezuma, Senior Doe Fancy, Red: Tucker Foster, Malcom, Senior Buck Fancy, Junior Doe Commercial, Rabbit Roaster, Kaleb King, Guernsey, Senior Doe Fancy
Dog: Blue: Derek Evans, Guernsey
Indoor Exhibits:
 Animal Science: Blue: Mikayla Henry, Montezuma.
 Safety and Education in Shooting Sports: Blue: Rylan James, Searsboro, Theresa Crawford, Grinnell.
Photography: Blue: Alena Scotton (2), Cole Watts, Danica Nolton (2), Denali Conover, Hanna Saland, McKinley Conover, Morgan Brennecke(PPI Honorable Mention), Tucker Foster. Red: Alex Wirth, Libbie Vos (2), Parker Volkman, Quincy Conger,
Visual Arts: Blue: Haley Hood, McKinley Conover, Red: McKinley Conover, Shaeanna Lai.
Food & Nutrition: Blue: Addyson Petig, Ashlyn Huff, Emma Harrington, Kristy Ryan.
Home Improvement: Blue:  Libbie Vos.
Health: Blue: Dillon Brady, Austin Henry,Red: Alyssa James.
Sewing and Needle Arts: Red: Autumn Key, Michelle Krumm.
Personal Development: Blue: Alisha Ford, Levi Brady, Maria Peterson-Smith, Red: Catelyn Graham.
Woodworking: Blue: Caitlin Smith.
Mechanics: Blue: Hunter Foubert, Parker Volkman.

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