2011 Garden Calendars

Gardeners, novice and experienced, will be inspired by Iowa State University Extension’s 2011 garden calendar. The full-color, 12-month calendar is filled with stunning photography and information. Monthly “gardening is good for you” messages and health tips have been added to the gardening tips traditionally featured in the extension garden calendar.

Calendar co-authors Cynthia Haynes and Richard Jauron, extension horticulture specialists, considered public interest in healthy living when they created the 2011 calendar. “Everywhere you look, you see information on ways to improve your health — how to exercise, what to eat, what not to eat — that made us think of all the ways gardening can help people stay healthy,” Haynes said.

This encouraged Haynes and Jauron to focus the calendar on the physical, emotional, nutritional and psychological benefits of gardening. “We have included a few health tips in the usual line-up of gardening tips throughout each month,” Haynes said. “And we had a lot of fun working on them!”

The authors believe the calendar will provide new gardeners with information that helps them improve their gardening practices, while helping experienced gardeners find new and different things to try. Their goal is for all gardeners to become better gardeners, to garden more efficiently and effectively as they meet their gardening needs and objectives — whether that is for consumption, profit, beauty or some other reason.

Gardening is GOOD for you – 2011 Garden Calendar, PM 815 is available for $6 from the ISU Extension online store at www.extension.iastate.edu/store or from local extension offices.  This is the 33rd edition of the ISU Extension garden calendar.

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