So you want to be a 4-H Volunteer?

Volunteering for Polk County 4-H can provide you with a wide variety of oppurtunities to encourage, educate, and mentor youth.  Volunteer jobs may be one time events, such as teaching a project workshop, or may be ongoing like becoming a 4-H Club Leader.  To begin the process you should first...

4-HChoose a 4-H Volunteer Job.

Click the links below to see job descriptions for current 4-H volunteer positions.



4-HStart the Background Check.

Becoming a Polk County 4-H Volunteer is a fairly simple process.  However, our youth are our most valuable resource, and we hold our volunteers to the highest standards of quality and safety.  For their protection we do require a number of reference and safety checks for our ongoing volunteers.  Below are examples of the paperwork you will be expected to complete before you will be approved as an official Polk County 4-H volunteer.  


Application Instructions
Volunteer Interest Form

Volunteer Application

Youth Safety Agreement

Driving Record Check

Child Abuse Registry Check
Criminal Records Check
(Please fill out one copy for each name you have gone by, married name, maiden name, etc.)


4-HMeet the Polk County 4-H Staff. 

We need to meet our potential volunteers before we can send them out to serve the youth of Polk County.  You will need to schedule a time to come and meet with our 4-H staff at the Extension Office.  At this meeting we will answer all of your questions, provide you with the nessecary materials to do your job, and aquaint you with our office.  Contact Katie at 515-957-5771.





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