Polk County Master Gardeners

The Master Gardener program is a volunteer service training program whereby adults are given advanced training in horticulture in exchange for volunteer service to the community.




The mission of the Master Gardener Program is to provide current, research-based, home horticulture information and education to the citizens of Iowa through ISU Extension programs and projects. Through their participation in educational activities, Master Gardeners also increase their own personal knowledge in horticulture.


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Polk County Projects

Steering Committee


MG Hours Reporting


Fall Intern classes begin Sept. 16.  Click here for schedule.   


The Master Gardener class series will be offered next for Fall 2015. 
If you are interested and want to be added to the list to
receive information about the Fall Master Gardener classes,
please email mfarlow@iastate.edu or call Mary Farlow at 957-5761. 


Extension Master Gardener Projects in Polk County 


 Call 515-957-5761 or email mfarlow@iastate.edu, if you have garden questions or need information on the events listed above.



Volunteer and Education Hour Reporting

Please go to: http://mastergardenerhours.hort.iastate.edu/ and enroll to report your hours through the state system, effective December 15, 2009.  Thank you for remembering to report your volunteer and education hours promptly.  It's important to show how much we give the community each year.


Master Gardener Newsletter - The Green Thumb for Polk County Master Gardeners and Interns.


Polk County Master Gardener Steering Committee


The Extension Master Gardener program is a volunteer program organized and supported by the Polk County Extension District Council. 


Extension volunteer programs are run by the volunteers themselves with subject matter and organizational guidance from ISU Extension and support provided by District staff, Mary Farlow.


Decisions regarding the program are made jointly between the Extension District and a representative body of the Certified Master Gardeners.


The 2014 Master Gardener Steering Committee


Chair:  Alda Helvey, 225-2563

Vice Chair: Matt Dore, 274-3292,

Secretary:  Sandie Sydnes, 276-1497

Treasurer: Stephanie McAdam, 225-6585

Botanical Center Gardeners Show House: Mary Howell-Williams, 556-3684, Ann Goecke 277-4632

Bus Trips: Lauri  Barrick, 278-8792

Class of 2012: Janis Hendrickson, 967-7019

Class 2003 & before: Isabella Hurless-Banks, 278-2067

Enabling Garden: Paula Winslow, 967-3409, Christine Barker, 963-4465, Sandie Hamilton, 967-7882

Demo Garden: Margaret Spikes, 984-9064  & Jerry Ferrell, 314-6632

Discovery Garden: Jean Roe, 279-8705, Dean Brand, 957-0682, Cheree Tilton, 262-0488, Patrick Schmitt, 279-9645 

Farmers’ Market:  Randy Campbell, 265-7074, Matt Dore, 274-3292, Sherri Soich, 277-1213

Garden Tour:  Michelle Walke, 225-8265

Greenhouse Project: Alda & Bob Helvey, 225-2563

Plant Sale: Joy Trueblood, 473-2638 & Jen Jenkins, 422-8947

Program Committee: Faith Huitt, 276-1443 & Jeri McGinnis, 276-2598

Prior Year Chair: Jerry Ferrell, 314-6632

Master Gardener & Horticulture Education Coord: Mary Farlow, 957-5761


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