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"Chef ChChef Charles Saysarles Says..." is a fun way to help older adults know more about nutrition and food selection.  Each issue contains interesting articles, puzzles and a recipe.

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Archived Newsletters:

March 2012 ~ Pick a Better...Potassium Rich Foods, Chef Charles Says...Let the Sun Shine In, Get the News...Tricky Trans Fat Labels, Chef Charles Asks the Questions...Can I Trust The Calorie Count On A Restaurant Menu?, List of Foods High In Potassium, Food Safety...Become a Safe Food Shopper, Be Active, Recipe:  Broccoli Mandarin Orange Salad.

February 2012 ~ Pick a Better...Cereal and Fruit Combination, Chef Charles Asks The Questions - Are Healthy Foods Always More Expensive?, Get the News...Lose Weight to Improve and Maintain your Independence, Food Safety...How Are You Handling Your Food?, Chef Charles Says...B12 Is Important For Older Adults, Easy Breakfast - Yogurt Porfait, Be Active...Wall Push-Ups and Chair Squats, Food Assistance Promotion and much more.

January 2012 ~ Be Active...New Exercise Guidelines, Pick a Better...Cruciferous Vegetables, Get the News...Nutrition Facts Label on Meat and Poultry, Chef Charles Says... Vitamin B12 is Important As We Age, Food Safety...How Are You Handling Your Food?, Chef Charles Asks the Questions...Does My Diet Cause Gaut?  Creamy Cauliflower - Pea Medley, Food Assistance Promotion, and much more.

November 2011 Pick a Better...Dairy Food Think about a Supplement, Food Safety...Keep Holidays Happy and Healthy, Chef Charles Asks the Questions...If I Exercise Most Days of The Week, Why is Being a Couch Potato Bad For My Health?, Get the News...Fiber for Life, Be Active...Add Some Activity to Your Life, Recipe:  Broiled Pineapple Snack.

October 2011 Pick a Better...Snack for Your Grandchild, Be Active ~ Fight a Cold, Chef Charles Says...Grandparents to the Rescue, Get the News...Wait to Sleep After you Eat, Chef Charles Asks the Questions...How Do I Substitute Applesauce For Oil In A Recipe?, Food Safety...Heat Processed Meat to Prevent Being Sick, Recipe:  Yam & Jam Muffin.

September 2011 Pick a Better...Low Sodium Diet, Get the News - Sodium, Potassium and Staying Alive, Food Safety - Keep Food Safe:  Check Your Steps A New USDA Campaign, Chef Charles Asks the Questions - Will All Fruits and Veggies Finish Ripening After I Bring Them Home?, Chef Charles Says...Try a New Vegetable - Increase Variety, Resource, Be Active - Start Exercise at Any Age, Recipe:  Carrot Muffins.

August 2011 Pick a Better...Egg, Chef Charles Asks the Questions; How Many Eggs Can I Eat Each Day?, Food Safety - Never Eat Eggs Raw, Be Active...Consider Walking Sticks, - Chef Charles Says...Listen to the Messages, - Get the News, 3 ways to Prevent Sarcopenia, Recipe:  Corn with Tomatoes Snack.

July 2011 Chef Charles Says...Hints and Tips for Farmer's Market Shopping, Chef Charles Asks the Questions - "I Love To Eat Watermelon In The Summer. Is It Good for Me?", Pick a Better...Fat, Get the News...Nutrition Keys Program, Food Safety, Be Active...Healthy Summer Walking, Recipe:  Watermelon Kiwi Smoothie.

June 2011 Pick a Better...Berry, Chef Charles Says...Planned Weight Loss Is Good For You If You Are Overweight, Food Safety, Chef Charles Asks the Questions...I Am Overweight. Should I Try To Lose Weight?, Be Active...Exercising Your Upper Body, Get the News...Applying For Food Assistance Benefits Can Help You, Just Like Mary, Recipe:  Strawberry Salsa.

May 2011 Pick a Better. . .Breakfast Cereal, Food Safety:  Cloth Grocery Bags, Chef Charles Asks the Questions - Which Foods Help Me to Maintain A Healthy Brain?, Get the News - Nutrient-Dense Diet Influences Fractures, Chef Charles Says. . .Are You Eating Your Vegetables & Fruit?, Be Active - Build Strong, Shapely Calf Muscles, Recipe:  Peanut Butter Strawberry Snack.

April 2011 Pick a Better. . .Healthy Plate, Chef Charles Says...Tips on the DASH Eating Plan, Food Safety:  Keep Eggs Safe, Chef Charles Asks the Questions - How Many Calories Do I Need?, Be Active, Get the News - Key Recommendations for Older Adults, Recipe - Spinanch Salad with Eggs, Orange & Nuts.

March 2011 Pick a Better . . . Cabbage, Get the News - DASH Diet and Healthy Heart, 2010 Dietary Guidelines, Chef Charles Says . . . More Potassium and Less Sodium Equals Best Blood Pressure Results, Food Safety: How to Handle Packaged Shredded Cabbage, Be Active, Chef Charles Asks The Questions - How Do I Control The Sodium In My Diet?  Recipe:  New Look Cabbage Salad

February 2011 Chef Charles Says . . . Vitamin D and Skin, Get the News . . . Being Fit Slows Cold Symptoms, Pick a Better . . . Carrot, Chef Charles Asks the Questions - Why Does Ground Beef Turn Gray?, Food Safety:  Older Adults Have Special Risks, Be Active - Walking Improves Brain Health, Recipe - Apple Carrot Salad.

January 2011  Pick a Better . . . Beverage, Get the News . . . Putting Nutrition Labels to Work, Chef Charles Says. . ., Chef Charles Asks the Questions . . . Is Fresh Food Really Better?, Be Active . . . Resistance Training Fights Muscle Loss, Food Safety: Understanding Dates on Food Products, Recipe:  Broccoli Mandarin Orange Salad.

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