4-H Clubs in Polk County


Map of Polk County Iowa 4-H Clubs

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Alleman Aces

Elkhart Clover Kids

Elkhart Rising Suns

North Polk Shining Stars


Altoona Adventurers                                                Homeschool Hoppers

Altoona Hustling Herdsmen                                                  Levis-N-Lace

Bright Futures 4-H Club                                                    New Beginnings

Cool Clover Crew Clover Kid                               Livestock Judging Club

East Side Clover Buddies                                                  Polk Producers

Innovators                                                                            Urban Farmers 



Ankeny 4-H                                               Freedom Riders 4-H /Clover Kids

Ankeny Achievers                                                           Hot Shots 4-H

Ankeny Clover Kids                                                    Jester Dreamers

Ankeny Trailblazers                                                         Team ASAP


Bee Keeping Club                                                              Levis-N-Lace

Bondur-Ants Clover Kids                                                      Plowshare

Bondurant Clover Kids                                                               We XL

Bondurant Go-Getters                                            Wild Farm 4-H Club

Hot Shots 4-H                                                     Wild Farm Clover Kids

Polk Possibilities                                                Urbandale Clover Kids

Valley Pacers                                                           Urbandale 4-H Club

Blue Ribbon Riders                                                     Polk Possibilities

East High Sewing Club                                           Open Opportunities         

South Side Pride 4-H/Cloverkids                                 Suburban Spirits

K-9 Crew                                                   Suburban Spirits Clover Kids


Alleman Aces

Elkhart Clover Kids

Elkhart Rising Suns

Beaver Creek


Beaver Creek                                                   Johnston Forevergreens

Altoona Hustling Herdsmen                                                Levis-N-Lace

Beaver Hustlers                                            Mitchellville Clover Sprouts

Hot Shots 4-H                                              



Alleman Aces                                                              Ankeny Achievers

Ankeny 4-H                                               Polk City Pioneers Clover Kids

Polk City Pioneers 4-H Club

Camp Boosters

Runnells Clover Kids

Runnells Rockets

Runnells Runts Clover Kids

Johnston Forevergreens

Urbandale Clover Kids

Urbandale 4-H Club

Polk Possibilities

Valley Pacers




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