4-H Clubs in Polk County


Map of Polk County Iowa 4-H Clubs

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Alleman Aces

Elkhart Clover Kids

Elkhart Rising Suns

Altoona Adventurers                                                           Levis-N-Lace

Altoona Hustling Herdsmen                                            New Beginnings

Cool Clover Crew Clover Kids                                      Rising Sun Riders

East Side Clover Buddies                                                  Polk Producers

Innovators                                                                           Urban Farmers                                                                                     


Ankeny 4-H                                                                    Freedom Riders

Ankeny Achievers                                                           Hot Shots 4-H

Ankeny Clover Kids                                                    Jester Dreamers

Illuminations                                                                                We XL

Bondur-Ants Clover Kids                                                      Plowshare

Bondurant Clover Kids                                                               We XL

Bondurant Go-Getters                                            Wild Farm 4-H Club

Hot Shots 4-H                                                     Wild Farm Clover Kids


Polk Possibilities                                                Urbandale Clover Kids

Valley Pacers                                                           Urbandale 4-H Club

Blue Ribbon Riders                                                     Polk Possibilities

East High Sewing Club                                                            

South Side Pride                                                          Suburban Spirits

K-9 Crew                                                   Suburban Spirits Clover Kids


Alleman Aces

Elkhart Clover Kids

Elkhart Rising Suns

Beaver Creek

Beaver Creek Clover Kids

Beaver Creek                                                   Johnston Forevergreens

Beaver Creek Clover Kids                                             

Altoona Hustling Herdsmen                                               Levis-N-Lace

Hot Shots 4-H                                              Mitchellville Clover Sprouts


Levis-N-Lace                                                              Rising Sun Riders

Alleman Aces                                                              Ankeny Achievers

Ankeny 4-H                                                             Polk City Clover Kids

Polk City 4-H Club

Camp Boosters

Runnells Clover Kids

Runnells Rockets

Runnells Runts Clover Kids

Johnston Forevergreens

Urbandale Clover Kids

Urbandale 4-H Club

Polk Possibilities

Valley Pacers




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