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The Adventure Learning Center provides young people with all of the ingredients for success. Whether a school classroom or a community youth group, participants at our course experience what it is like to take responsibility for others' safety and achievement. While, team-centered initiatives give students just enough boundaries to keep them safe, yet allow them to control the creative process - something they rarely get in school or at home. They learn the fundamental principles of teamwork which make every relationship successful, and they do so while having a fun-filled day with friends.
Low Challenge Course
The low course invites teams to work together to solve problems, communicate and to develop trust with one another to accomplish a task. The challenges are a mixture of mental and physical tasks that lead to success! Groups learn to develop team strategies capitalizing on their work styles, strengths and overall goals.
High Challenge Course
This adventure challenges you to take a risk and step outside of your comfort zone 40 feet above ground. Set among telephone poles, participants navigate up and across climbing walls, nets, cables, logs, and swinging platforms while being safely belayed by our professionally trained staff. . Climbers can take a step off of our Zip Platform and glide through 200 feet of tree tops. Participants must complete the low challenge course prior to advancing to the high course.
Portable Challenge
Let us bring the Adventure to you! Our portable challenge program can be implemented on site at your workplace, conference room, gymnasium, parks, or any open space. It includes many of the games and initiative we do on the low course.
Adventure in Leadership
This program gives everyone in the group a chance to lead an activity on the low challenge course or portable challenge in a controlled environment. What makes this program unique is the creative and productive discussions that are had following the element or initiative.
Adventures in Transition
Our transition program was designed to help students transition into a new school experience by teaching the importance of leadership, communication and anti-bullying tactics. The transition program can be geared to focus on specific outcomes and age groups.


If you have questions, or want us to design a custom program for your group please contact us.

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The fees for service will be used to off-set direct expenses and to support the County Extension Program.
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