Youth Programs

The Adventure Learning Center provides the opportunity for youth to learn in a unique environment. Through goal and outcome focused programming, youth will develop leadership skills, build trust, and learn to problem solve with their peers. Activities are focused around active participation and can be modified for a variety of age groups and skill levels. During their time at the Adventure Learning Center, youth will learn how to communicate effectively and work cooperatively while pushing their own comfort boundaries and learning about themselves. Groups can choose between participating in the low and high challenge course between April and October, or the Adventure Learning Center can bring the portable challenge program to you.
Custom Design
Each Adventure Learning Center program is specifically customized to meet the needs of each client group. Through complementary consultations, you will work with an Adventure Learning Center staff member to discuss desired outcomes of your program and what goals youth should focus on. Clients will choose between a variety of course options utilizing either the portable challenge program, only the low ropes course, or a combination of both low and high ropes challenge course activities. Participants will experience a variety of activities designed in a progression to gradually build skills in the desired goal areas. Contact us today to discuss available program options for your students, youth group, or leaders.
Adventures in Transition
As students transition from elementary to middle school or middle school to high school, they're walking into a brand new school with a lot of uncertainty. Many wonder what to do if they struggle to find their classes, and some may be meeting many classmates for the first time. The Adventure Learning Center can help students build the skills necessary to make this transition more manageable. Our trained staff will help students not just learn the names of peers, but also get to know each other. We'll help them learn how to ask questions when they need help and how to step outside of their comfort zones on their own. Students will build skills in working cooperatively with differing personalities, how to step up as a leader, and learn to trust classmates.
Adventures in Leadership
Youth and school groups who are looking to develop young leaders can choose from a variety of programs to help participants learn all about leadership. Youth will take part in discussion about what exactly it means to be a leader and what type of skills they are hoping to develop before building those skills on the challenge course. Activities will be focused on working cooperatively with others to solve problems, respecting other points of view, and making plans with consensus. This program is great for student council members, teen leader groups, youth groups, and school groups.

Please click the buttons below and complete the following forms BEFORE arriving at the Adventure Learning Center. Those organizing the program, will need to complete both the Group Coordinator forms and a Participant form. Anyone attending the course will need to complete a Participant form.


If you have questions about scheduling a program, pricing, or would like schedule a consultation contact us.


Youth Program
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The fees for service will be used to off-set direct expenses and to support the County Extension Program.

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