The Adventure Learning Center offers a variety of trainings throughout the year. Perfect for teachers, coaches, camp counselors, club leaders (4H, scouts, etc.), or anyone looking to work with groups of people more effectively. Check our home page for announcements about upcoming trainings or feel free to contact us.

Portable Challenge Training

Interested in new ways to teach teamwork, communication, and problem-solving to youth and adults in any setting? You’ll receive 20 hours of training, a 4-H Challenge notebook, access to ALC and 4-H portable challenge kits in Polk County for 1 year, and experience facilitating 4-H Challenge to take home to groups and organizations in your community. Please note that you need to attend the entire training in order to be certified to use the Portable Challenge equipment.

Low and High Ropes Training

In this course participants will learn and practice the technical, safety and facilitation skills required to set up a low and high challenge course programs. Participants will improve their ability to facilitate a meaningful challenge course program within their community, camp, or school.  Beginning with the basics, this course will take participants through a curriculum of essential skills ensuring a basic level of technical competency. The course will challenge participants to a new way of thinking about choice, relationships, confidence, leadership and the team. Participants may be able to earn a ACCT level 1 or 2 certification as part of this training.
Participants must demonstrate an understanding of the basic program facilitation skills and technical skills.  The program is designed for practitioners who facilitate lead-up activities, like portable challenge and the low challenge course, prior to using the high challenge course.

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