Group Options & Pricing

Facilitator-Led High/Low Challenge
Course Program

Restrictions: Low Challenge Course: Youth grade 1 - Adult;    High Challenge Course: Youth grade 4 - Adult
Scheduled between the months of April and October, the outdoor Adventure Learning Center provides a unique space for participants to improve and develop skills and relationships. Each program is individually customized to meet the particular needs of each group that is served, whether youth or adults. Our highly trained staff incorporate a healthy mix of fun as well as challenge to help your group be successful.
Low Course: Our low course is comprised of obstacles less than two feet above the ground. Do not neglect it just because it may not get your adrenaline pumping as much as the high course. Programs implemented on the low course are often a better way to develop trust and cover the groups goals in a physically and emotionally safe space. Our course is home to 20+ low elements that are utilized in a variety of ways to meet your group's desired objectives. 
High Course: The Adventure Learning Center high course houses 10 elements that challenge groups in a variety of ways. Our staff utilize the Challenge by Choice philosophy (you challenge yourself in whatever way you are comfortable) to develop trust, confidence, leadership, and healthy communication amongst other important skills. Through the use of this philosophy, each participant has full control of their experience. Groups will leave with a unique and memorable experience as well as additional skills to successfully navigate their daily lives.
Some of the topic areas our programs cover are: 

  • Teamwork
  • Relationship Development
  • Meeting New Classmates/Coworkers
  • Respecting Each Other's Diversity
  • STEM (High School specific)
  • Leadership
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Healthy Communication
  • Cooperative Problem Solving
  • Decision Making
  • Streamlining Communication & Processes (Adult specific)

                                                                        ...and so much more!

Dates fill up fast, so contact us to schedule your group today!


Facilitator-Led Portable Challenge Program

Restrictions: Youth grade 1 - Adult
Let our staff bring the challenge program to you! Portable Challenge Programs are done year-round and are implemented in a location that is convenient for you. Whether that be the local park, school gym, or even a conference room in your office. It includes similar activities and outcomes as our outdoor program, just in a portable format and in the comfort of your space.
The fees for service will be used to off-set direct expenses and to support the County Extension Program.

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